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Club Online Files

As more and more files are put online for the benefit of our members, we have a developed a more structured online file store.

Currently available is:

  • Torque Archive
  • Club accounts
  • Shared files for the validation of 4WD Treks Close to Melbourne
  • General File upload area

The files on this Google Drive are fully searchable. This means you can search in the folders for any text, such as trips, tips and gossip.


The system is managed by Google and you need access to view the files. 

  • If you have a Gmail account you will be asked to log in using your personal Gmail account. We will then receive a request for access that will be granted if we have that email address on file. 
    NOTE: If your email address is different to the one on our system, please email web.admin@rangeroverclub.org.au so we know who you are before giving you access.
  • If you don't have a Google/Gmail ID, click Access to Club Files

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