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How to renew

You may have received an email reminding you to renew your membership.  For those familiar with navigating and interacting with secured websites do the following:

Online Renewal

Log into https://www.rangeroverclub.org.au. Once logged in, the log-in button on the top left becomes your Profile button. 

If you don't see a message at the bottom right of the web page, click on your Profile button (top left of the page), confirm details are accurate, and follow the links to renew online.  There's also the option to be invoiced and pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Offline Renewal

Some people don't have good internet connection or prefer not to pay for things online. This new system is in addition to the renewal methods previously available - in person at a club meeting, by posting a cheque, or by bank transfer.

Details for offline and bank payments can be found in "Payments & Renewals" under the "Members" menu option above, but here's the link :    https://www.rangeroverclub.org.au/Payments-&-Renewals

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that any payments come with sufficient information to allow the treasurer to allocate the payment to your membership.

Step-by-step renewal via the website

For further support, follow the steps below.

Note: You will see that you are either at www.rangeroverclub.org.au or rrcv.wildapricot.org  - these are both part of our website. Most of the time (for now) you will see the WildApricot address - you don't need to do anything with this, it's self managing.
EDIT:  Now fully moved to rangeroverclub.org.au

Step 1 - Log in

You will need to know your email address (the one we send newsletters to) and a password. If you haven't logged in before, you will have an option to get one later.

Once you click Login, you will see what's below.

The first time you log in, you will need to accept WildApricot's terms. It won't let you continue until you click in the check-box to confirm you do indeed agree. 

Step 2 - Renewal

You might notice that the section that said Login now has your name. Clck on your name to be taken to your Profile. This is where you manage your membership finances and details.

Get to know your Profile Page - it's quite useful.

Step 2 - Payment

Details for offline and bank payments can be found in "Payments & Renewals" under the website's "Members" menu option above, but here's the link :    http://rrcv.wildapricot.org/Payments-&-Renewals

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