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  • Warburton to Noojee & Powelltown to Gembrook (RP 8 & 7) CANCELLED due to COVID lockdown

Warburton to Noojee & Powelltown to Gembrook (RP 8 & 7) CANCELLED due to COVID lockdown

  • 9 Aug 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Warburton to Noojee & Powelltown to Gembrook
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  • Use the "Guests" option to say how many passengers will be in the car. This includes partner, child, other RRCV member, or Temporary Member.

    Note: the number of passengers will be restricted.

Warburton to Noojee & Powelltown to Gembrook (RP 8 & 7) - CANCELLED due to COVID lockdown

Date and time:  Sunday 9 August  9.30 am start

Location:   Warburton to Noojee & Powelltown to Gembrook


The maximum convoy limit is now based on the number of people on the trip, not the number of cars, and there are hoops that we need to jump through to comply with the restrictions.

As part of your registration, we need to know how many people are in your car. We use the "Guest" option but in this case; a guest is ANYONE that is not you. This includes your partner and/or children that live with you (i.e. the club's standard family membership criteria). 

COVID-19 Passenger Restrictions : 

These additional restrictions have been put in place to confirm with the Government regulation. It's the trip leader's responsibility to ensure they are adhered to and you will be asked to confirm each one during registration. So it's more important than ever to follow the Trip Leader's instructions.

  • All passengers are your family members (partner or child, in same household)
  • As the club member, you are responsible to ensure your passengers are aware of and follow the restrictions.
  • Everyone must respect social distancing, of 1.5m, from other members - particularly during:
     -  Breaks - briefings, tea breaks, lunch breaks, etc. 
     -  Recoveries - stay in your car where possible, unless asked to help.
  • You cannot attend If you are feeling unwell, been in close contact with anyone suspected of having the virus, or recently returned from overseas 
  • Bring hand-sanitiser along with your normal kit.
  • There may be no access to public toilets or other facilities because they are closed.
  • We also suggest that you use the COVIDSafe app.
  • Temporary Members are not allowed.

Convoy size

The legal maximum number people in a group is currently 20 but, as this number increases, the number of cars will more likely become the likely be the limiting factor.  

All passengers must be named for tracking purposes. If you bring anyone that has not been registered as a guest, you will not be allowed on the trip.

The description will tell you which one we're using 

  • If the limiting size factor will be people, you will need to use the Guest's function at the bottom of the registration page.
  • If there is a small exploratory convoy, we won't then we will use the normal sign up method, with a comments section to not who is in the cars.
The Convoy Size section, in the description below, will tell you which registration count we're using 

===  If using the Guest/passenger registration  ===

The "Add a Guest" button is at the bottom of the registration page. Before you start registration, make sure there are enough places for everyone in your car. Note: that does not guarantee they will be there by the time you finish, particularly if there are a few of you.

You need to register each person (including children) individually, by filling their name (phone and email if different from yours), and clicking Done.

Once everyone is listed, click Next to go to the Confirmation page. Everything else is the same as normal registrations.

Note: If the number of spare places run out before you add everyone, it means that someone else was registering at the same time as you. There is no way to avoid this clash and it's first come, first in.

===  If using the normal registration, for smal convoys  ===

Just do what you did befor but make sure you list all the people in your car.

===== End of COVID-19 Restrictions Section  = Enjoy the trip ======

Date and time:  Sunday 9 August  9.30 am start

Description:  Robert Pepper Trips 8 (and 7 time permitting)

Both of these trips are a perfect Sunday drive, off road,  providing an opportunity to drive through beautiful forests and appreciate what we have so close to Melbourne.

We will start with Trip 8 - Warburton to Noojee.

The trip heads east from Warburton into The Yarra State Forest.  The forest track winds it's way through to Starlings gap, about 20km into our drive, where we will stop for morning tea and then, a little further on, we will get a chance to stop and wander up to The Ada Tree: it was one of the largest trees in the world and is still magnificent regardless of the hair cut it has had!  It is now 76 m high but is thought to have once been about 120 m high.  Trip 8 will finish at Noojee where there is a magnificent trestle bridge to see.

Time permitting we will then have a 26 km drive west on the C425 to Powelltown where we will start

Trip 7 – Powelltown to Gembrook

Once we reach Powelltown we head west for a short distance and then turn south and re-enter the Yarra State Forest and drive through the forest eventually heading west again to Gembrook with Seven Acre Rock (time permitting – this is a 30 min return walk along an unmade track), Shiprock Falls and Kurth Kiln to visit along the way and finish the trip in Gembrook.

Weather:  It is winter and could be cold and wet! Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Equipment:  good off-road tyres (All Terrain, 60 profile recommended as a minimum), UHF radio (or one borrowed from the club), a well-maintained vehicle with low range (or equivalent), good ground clearance (200mm recommended as a minimum), recovery points, standard recovery gear including dampener, rated snatch strap and shackles, shovel.

No camper trailers, pets or firearms

Trip Standard:  Easy – All dirt roads are fairly wide and easily navigable.

Fuel:  a full tank ex Melbourne with fuel available in Warburton and Gembrook

Distance:  Approx. distance from Melbourne to Warburton is 80km and Gembrook  to Melbourne is 84 Km

Trip 8 Warburton to Noojee is 59,6 km of mainly high range driving.

Trip 7 Powelltown to Gembrook is 38.3 Km

Duration:1 day

Convoy limit: Up to a maximum of 10 vehicles or 20 people

Meeting arrangements:  We plan to meet in the main street of Warburton outside the Warburton Bakery and Coffee shop and depart at 9.30am sharp.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  There is a car park behind the bakery.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm in Gembrook.

Trip Leaders: Fran & Chris Pearson:

Mobile  Fran  0433113382; Chris 0407922522

Email: pearson496@gmail.com

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