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Post Dargo Extension Touring East Gippsland

  • 10 Mar 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • 15 Mar 2020
  • 4:00 PM
  • East Gippsland


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Post Dargo Extension Touring East Gippsland

Date and time:  10th March – 15th March

Description:  we are planning to go into the non-burnt sections of East Gippsland to spend some money.  The thought was paying to stay in caravan parks, buying lunch and dinner each day and filling with fuel whether empty or not.  Maybe Lakes Entrance for a couple of nights including dinner, or a couple of nights with dinner at Marlo, Orbost or other towns TBA that have been impacted by the tourism exodus and whose economies have suffered this summer.

I would really like to spend some money in towns in the actual fire areas but I am alert to the likely emotional upset for visitors going through that country and also their ability to host visitors at the present time.

So, no travelling through burnt out areas just to look at it - in fact there is always tourist stuff to do and the weather should be good enough to swim, do some walks and fish.

The journey would start in Dargo on Tuesday 10th March and return to Melbourne Sunday 15th March and participants could depart at any time during the week if they so desire.

Weather:  should be fairly mild at that time of year but you can never be sure.  Review the local weather forecast leading up to the trip and bring appropriate clothing, footwear and camping gear.

Equipment:  This is a touring and camping trip (at local caravan parks), so no special equipment requirements.

No pets or firearms

Trip Standard:  easy

Fuel:  available everywhere we are planning to stay

Duration: 6 days or less – personal decision

Convoy limit: unlimited

Meeting arrangements:  we plan to leave on the Tuesday after the Dargo 4WD weekend.

Trip Leaders: Alan and Christine Hawkes, m= 0419 744 832, e = ahaw2901@yahoo.com.au

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