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POSTPONED - Otways - Slow-paced weekend basecamp

  • 20 Mar 2020
  • 4:00 PM
  • 22 Mar 2020
  • 4:00 PM
  • Dandos campground & Surrounding Otways area
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Otways - Slow paced weekend  basecamp

This event has been postponed, with the majority of participants cancelling due to COVID-19

We will hold the event in the future.

Date and time:  Friday 20th March 2020 - Sunday 22nd March 

Description:   Kenny & Jo are running a basecamp trip that is aimed to cater for those that enjoy camping as much as driving. 

We'll basecamp at Dandos on Friday and Saturday nights. 
Dandos is a free campsite and has space for 100 camps (shared with the masses). It's next to a river, has walks and pools for paddling and swimming, and has a non-camping grassy area as well. 

We'll try to get there mid afternoon on the Friday, hopefully we can all camp in the same area.

Has drop toilets but no potable water.



We're planning for about four to five hours of driving on the Saturday, exploring the tracks around the area. Leaving at a lazy 10am.

Also slow start on Sunday, heading East towards Anglesea to cover some nice tracks there. There should be time for people to either pack up and head home via Anglesea, or return to Dandos to pack up later. 

There is no obligation to do both days of driving.

If you don't want to camp, there should be just enough driving to justify a day trip on the Saturday (probably not Sunday)- and you can always stay for dinner. But let Kenny know, so you are not left out. 

Guests & Non-Members:
Members can bring friends too - we see if we can fit them into spare seats for the tracks. If they are joining us as passengers they MUST have Temporary Membership set up prior to coming.

Access to camp ground: Easy - suitable for caravans and/or 2-wheel drive, so friends/passengers can drive in if preferred.

Weather:  Normal near-sea-level Victorian weather. So it might be sunny, might be windy, might be wet - probably all three!

Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres, good ground clearance (minimum 200mm) and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear and recovery points should be carried. 

Additional Equipment required:  Camping gear, food and water for the weekend.  Clothing for wet and cold conditions.  

Trip Standard:  Medium – some steep, low-range hill climbs and some rocky tracks!We'll explore the tracks so difficult to predict. Possibly hard if wet and slippery.  

Fuel:  Plenty fuel options; along the A1 (Colac or Winchelsea) and on the Great Ocean Road (Anglesea or Lorne).

Distance:  Dandos is approximately 200km from Melbourne.  The trip distance is TBA but a full tank will be plenty - some low range driving. 

Duration: 2.5 days 

Convoy limit: No limit, we'll split up the trips if required. 

Meeting arrangements:  We will meet at Dandos Campground on Friday.  For those joining us for a day trip on Saturday, we'll won't leave before 10am.

Trip Leaders: Kenny Macleod & Jo Thyer: 0421 952 540 kenny@scotel.com


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