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Cruiserkhana - Competitor register

  • 18 Oct 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • 20 Oct 2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • TLCCV Property, behing Yark
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Registration is closed

Cruiserkhana 2019

Cruiserkhana is back again this year.

It's the Toyota Club's annual attempt to show the other clubs that they are the best drivers. It's also the time for other clubs to prove them wrong. 

They do have a home advantage but RRCV and other clubs do quite well. And it's worthwhile entering because there's usually thousands of dollars of prizes!

There is a cost to this and it's $205 for car, driver, navigator, camping and dinner.

NOTE: To register as a competitor, you need to go to the TLCCV's website at teh link below:


This signs up one driver/navigator pair. Everyone competes individually but they are also grouped into teams of three. 

This RRCV "trip" is an Expression of interest for admin only. Once you register, please sign up to this EOI too - so we can plan the event and maybe get you into a team.

  • if you already have a team of three that you want to keep with, I suggest you all sign up at the same time and agree and include the name of your team in the application - it would be good if you included some reference to the RRCV, particularly if you're the only RRCV team :)

Date and time:  Weekend of 18-20 October.
Day-1 is getting there for an early start for the competition
Day-2 is competition day & awards dinner
Day-3 is optional events and/or recovery from the fairly late dinner
 - if you come up for the competition day, you need to arrive before 7am registration (TBC)

Events:  There are usually about 6-8 challenges that test the drivers and their cars, including:

  • Slalom - where the passenger's grab and replace flags into pipes sticking up from the ground.
  • Mud Challenge - try to drive around a very wet and sloping mud track that's got sprinklers on it.
  • Wet Lap - where the navigator holds a bowl of water while the car is driven down some log steps and the winner is the one with the most water left in the bowl (or least water on the navigator).
  • Cross-country - a tight and sometimes challenging circuit.
  • Sand trap - a sand course with deep ruts and a very tight drive through some poles 
  • Balance beam - a see-saw for cars - the longest to balance on the beam wins.

This is the official flyer - it is a Toyota but the may not realise it's an RRCV member - Sherry Mayo on the slalom

Weather:  getting warmer but you never know - it's Yark!

Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried.  - Hint - let your tyres down a lot to have any chance on the mud.

Duration:1-3 days

Convoy limit: Numbers are limited to a fixed number of competitors - we normally run one or two teams of 3. Refer to TLCCV website for more details; but they usually sell out quickly.

Meeting arrangements:  We normally meet on the Friday evening and are given a spot for the number of tents we'll have as a group.

Trip Leaders: Kenny Macleod - kenny@scotel.com
I'm going overseas from 4th Sept so email please.

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