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Disco/RRS tech review - Theory session

  • 13 Jul 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Essendon Land Rover workshop, 405 Wirraway Rd, Essendon Fields, VIC, 3041
  • 12


  • We need to know who's attending, because the hosts are providing morning tea and lunch.

    Registration = 1 person.

    Add a guest if you want your partner to come with you.

Shaun Driscoll and I went to the Essendon Land Rover workshop yesterday, to finalise the activities for the day.

Here's what we agreed. - We will start at 9am and run for about four hours.

Meet at Essendon Jaguar Land Rover (405 Wirraway Rd, Essendon Fields) in time to start at 9am. You will see the large glass showroom as you drive down the hill from the freeway.  There's a visitors park, at the showroom entrance.  There might be enough parking spaces (depends on other cars), but there's overflow on the surrounding streets and maybe in the workshop. 

The 1st floor Board room is on the far left as you enter the building, but stairs are on the back wall to right of the reception desk.We're expecting morning tea and then some lunch.

We're in their hands but our hosts seem happy to adjust things if we think it's going the wrong way.

Likely agenda/activities are:

  • Intro to Land Rover
  • Discussion around what technical milestones and why 
  • Some unpublished tech videos that they show their mechanics
  • Review of terrain response & what the settings do
  • What goes wrong and how to fix it
  • What spares might be worthwhile taking
  • Workshop visit -  (bring warm clothes) 
  • General discussion/questions.
  • A look around the showroom
  • There may be some givaways and/or discounts on merchandice. (I believe their mugs don't leak!)

We're expecting morning tea and some lunch. There was no mention of allergies or preferences, so be aware that lunch may not be suitable for some.

Workshop activities:

  • They have an RRS (not a new one!) with the body removed, so we can see how it works (including suspension & hand brake release)
  • They plan to have a dismantled transfer box (maybe other tech) to show what happens when terrain response is changed.
  • Might get a couple of cars on the hoists, including new monocoque RR - similar to the new Defender.

We've not done this kind of thing before and if it's a success they will host other, more specialist events. There's already talk of member discounts on parts & servicing.

Those that are registered for the Sunday, will get a separate email. 

If you have any questions, you can get me on kenny@scotel.com or 0421 952 540

See you Saturday

Disco/RRS Tech review - Day 1
Theory Session
====  More capacity added ===

To be hosted by Doncaster Auto, at the Essendon Land Rover workshop, at 405 Wirraway Rd, Essendon Fields VIC 3041

Land Rover have opened up more capacity on the Discovery/RRS theory day, and we have been able to add more spaces to this event. 

It's looking like a very informative day - and anyone with a Land Rover (or interested in them) will find it useful.

Topics: Specific areas that will be demonstrated & discussed include:

  • terrain response settings
  • platform specific issues
  • setting up for off-road 
  • what upgrades you can do

This session will include opportunities to look at the underside of some of our vehicles plus some of theirs (including the platform that the new Defender is being based on).

They also plans to have a disassembled transmission on hand so he can show us the inner workings of these components.

Catering & numbers: Our hosts will provide morning tea and lunch, so we need to provide firm numbers by the 8th. 

Registration is different to the normal sign-ups because we need to count guests as well -  the way our system works is we normally only count the drivers (cars) on club trips but need a count of people (driver + guests) for catered events.

So if you want to sign up for this and bring your partner; make sure you add them as a guest.

Please note: this is a member only event - non members or lapsed members will not be allowed to attend.

If you forget to add a guest(s), please let Kenny Macleod know by replying to this email (or call on 0421 952 540) as guests need to be added manually to an existing booking.


Day 2 - Practical Session

To test out what we found out on Day 1. Location TBA

Contact: Kenny Macleod - 0421 952 540 - kenny@scotel.com

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