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R.Pepper - Trek 11 – Mt Disappointment & Trek 19 Andersons Garden

  • 19 May 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Wallan - Meet at Hogan’s Bar & Café (92 High St, Wallan VIC 3756)
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R.Pepper - Trek 11 Mt Disappointment & Trek 19 Andersons Garden amalgamated

Note: As a result of the very wet weather leading up to Trek 19 Andersons Garden on Saturday 12th May we were forced to alter our route and undertake a large section of Trek 11 Mt Disappointment as part of the road became impassable (we found out after we were in a difficult gully and only 1 car was able to undertake the very long steep climb out.)

As a result Trek 11 will now become an amalgamation of sections of Trek 19 and Trek 11 to allow us to complete the validation. 

There is very little rain forecast for the next week so while we do not believe we will have any issues with the tracks on Sunday we never know and may find ourselves in a challenging position again.

So all terrain tyres, high ground clearance, low range and recovery gear etc could be required

In particular we are still to validate the area around Sunday Creek Reserve, Strath Creek Falls Scenic Reserve and a potentially steep 5.1km loop between the falls and the end of the Trek.

We will be doing more work in the next few days to identify our specific route however we wanted to make it clear that the Trek has changed slightly due to this weekends weather conditions. It is no an easy trek

Note changed details below in Italics

If you have any questions please contact Kenny on 0421 952 540, or Jo on 0411 028 090


Date and time:  Sunday 19th May starting at 9am

Description:  The Mt Disappointment forest offers tracks covering various terrain, a sense of history and brilliant views out across one of Melbourne’s more picturesque water catchments. Although the forest was devastated by fire in 2009, regeneration is underway and along with the re-establishment of visitor facilities the forest is as popular as ever and makes for an easily accessible day trip from the city.

The forests of Mt Disappointment are a haven for an array of flora and fauna; bring along your binoculars and identification books. There are walks from both Andersons Garden and Blairs Hut picnic area. Andersons Garden boasts a small creek which makes for a pleasant stop, especially for kids, and there is the five-kilometre return walk to Sunday Creek Reservoir.

Once leaving Andersons Garden you will also have views of the reservoir as the trek skirts its western and southern perimeters. From Blairs Hut picnic area a short walk leads to the summit of the 800-metre-high Mt Disappointment, named by explorers Hume and Hovell during their 1824 expedition from Yass in New South Wales to Port Phillip Bay.

Now Amalgamated with

Trek 19

Offering a driving challenge and some great views, this trek explores the more isolated areas of the historic Mt Disappointment State Forest. The route takes in sections of track here there are steep ascents and descents, and deep fords requiring low range work, as well as walking tracks and scenic places to stop for picnics.

This trek delves much deeper into Mount Disappointment State Forest than Trek 11 - Mt Disappointment, which will be run on Sunday 19 May.

Throughout the forest you will find mountain ash in the wetter parts, while messmate, grey, stringybark, peppermint, box and candlebark gums are in the drier parts, and manna gums can be seen mostly around the creeks.

In the south of the forests there are views across Sunday Creek Reservoir, part of Melbourne’s water catchment, whilst in the north there is a steep walking track to the viewing areas near the 50 m drop of Strath Creek Falls

Weather:  Melbourne region in May – could be anything

Equipment:  CHANGED: Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried. Minimum required would be two shackles and a snatch strap rated for your vehicle.

Trip Standard: CHANGED: Medium/Difficult - Some hills will be greasy after rain, most of the hills have spoon drains which will require high clearance and slow speed to cross. There is likely to be some slippery mud near water crossings.

Fuel:  Available in Wallan (There is no fuel available in Strath Creek)

Distance:  Approx. distance of 220 Km, round trip from Melbourne CBD.

Duration: 1 day

Convoy limit: 8 vehicles

Meeting arrangements We plan to meet in the main street of Wallan Wallan - Meet at Hogan’s Bar & Café (92 High St, Wallan VIC 3756 and depart at 9:00am sharp. The cafe will probably be closed but there is a McDonalds 2 doors up as well as what appears to be a very popular drive through coffee shop next door.

If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm in Strath Creek or the lookout prior to Strath Creek – probably earlier depending on the conditions.

Trip Leader: Gary Tinner m: 0414 742 701

Trek Managers: Kenny Macleod, m: 0421 952 540 and Jo Thyer m: 0411 028 090

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