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Snow trip - Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene

  • 24 Aug 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • 25 Aug 2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene
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Snow trip - Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene

Date and time:  24th/25th August

Description Snow driving and camping - Mt Skene

Due to demand, we will now run 2 trips, one from Walhalla to Jamieson (South/North) and the other from Jamieson to Walhalla (North/South).  The South/North trip will meet in Walhalla on Friday night or Saturday morning and head off on Saturday morning north to the Heyfield-Jamieson Road via Aberfeldy and Mt Selma.  We'll then follow the Heyfield-Jamieson Road to the summit of  Mt Skene where we plan to camp.  On Sunday we'll head down to Jamieson.

The North/South trip will commence from Jamieson and tackle the route in the reverse direction. 

Participants will be allocated to either trip as we get closed to the date.  This allocation will be so that there is a mix of experienced drivers on both trips.

Weather:  e.g.  Alpine environment, will be  cold and potentially wet and windy.  Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Equipment:  e.g.  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres, good ground  clearance and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club). 

Usual recovery gear of a snatch strap, shackles, shovel, dampener plus snow chains and recovery tracks.

Warm clothes and wet weather gear.  A tent (pop-up tents can prove to pop-down in heavy snow), sleeping bag (suitable to better than -10oC), and sleeping mat suitable for camping in the snow.  

Trip Standard:  e.g.  Medium to hard  (depending on the weather & track conditions (snow))

Fuel:  a full tank ex Moe or Mansfield.  If you’re using diesel then fill with Alpine diesel (we need to check/advise if available at Moe as we get closer to trip date) and/or add additive to stop it jelling – the instructions on most additives indicate you can’t add too much. Torque Breaker is one such additive.

Distance:  Approx. distance from Walhalla to Jamieson is 150 Km of mainly low range driving.

Duration: 2 days

Convoy limit: 2 x 10 vehicles

Meeting arrangements:  We will to meet at the Star Hotel Carpark in Walhalla and depart at 9.00am sharp.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm in Jamieson

Trip Leaders: Name(s) – Graeme Allen - graeme.allen86@gmail.com. and Mark Bown 0437 251 645 or mark.bown@csiro.au,

 POST TRIP REPORT (South to north convoy)

Day 1 Left Walhalla at 0930. Aberfeldy- Walhalla road.  Aberfeldy Cemetary at 11.15am for morning tea.  O'Keefe Track steep and would be difficult in wet weather. McGuire Track, Mt Selma Track, S16 Track, South Road at 1.45 for lunch.  Scattering of snow on S16. Licola- Jamieson Road. Arrived Mt Skene at 4.30 pm after 5 km of snow. Chains not used. Snowed overnight

 Day 2  Left Mt Skene at 10.15am.  Arrived Jamieson at 1.00 pm

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