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Upcoming events

    • 20 May 2020
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+10:00)
    • 10 Jun 2020
    • 4:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • South East Queensland
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    South East Queensland Adventure  - CANCELLED 

    Date and Time:  20th May 2020 (in Queensland) - 10th June 2020 (Moreton Island)

    Location:      South East Queensland 

    Description:  The aim of this trip is to explore South East Queensland, starting with Nth Stradbroke Island before coming back to the mainland and heading off occasionally dipping over the border into NSW doing a big circuit going as far west as Inglewood and north as Gympie and the Great Sandy National Park before heading down to Moreton island after which the trip will finish. It will be approximately 3000 kilometres over 3 weeks.  People are more than welcome to dip in and out of the trip as they please. We will take five cars as well as ourselves.  Although the itinerary seems busy, some of these destinations will be passing through day trips and some will be base camps and exploring.  It is a go with the flow kinda trip and will be modified if we are running out of time or the weather is lousy. 

    We will meet at Cleveland at 9.00am with the aim of catching the 10.30 Ferry to North Stradbroke Island on the 20th May, we will have three nights return from Nth Stradie on the 23rd May catching the 8.00am or 9.00am ferry back to the mainland.  From where we will head off to the Tamborine Mountains where there are a number of things to see and do including a Rainforest Skywalk and for the really adventurous there is another park that does ziplining, etc.  The aim is to visit and do some of the short walks, see a lot of the sights and find out what makes these parks special enough to be National Parks. 

    1.    Tamborine Mountains National Park
    2.    Springbrook National Park
    3.    Lamington National Park
    4.    Mt Barney National Park
    5.    Mooragool Peak National Park
    6.    Condamine River – Main Ranges National Park
    7.    Queen Mary Falls
    8.    Gambubal State Forest
    9.    Sundown National Park
    10. Collmunda Dam
    11. Bringalily State Forest
    12. Bulli State forest
    13. Wondul Range National Park
    14. Dunmore State Forest
    15. Lake Broadwater Conservation Park
    16. Dalby Town
    17. Bunya Mountains National Park
    18. Coomba Falls
    19. Tarong National Park
    20. Nanango Town
    21. Wandai State Forest
    22. Cherburg Conservation Park
    23. Winery visiting
    24. Wrattens National Park
    25. Oakview National Park
    26. Grongah National Park
    27. Gympie National Park
    28. Goomburian National Park
    29. Great Sandy National Park
    30. Woondum National Park
    31. Mapleton National Park
    32. Bribie Island National Park
    33. Moreton Island
    Camper trailers shouldn’t be a problem except when we are doing beach stuff where there maybe some issues due to soft sand in places.  If anybody would like to do some harder stuff, we will be able to visit a couple 4WD parks where I’m sure we will find a few hard tracks.  All terrain tyres are advised as there will be a reasonable amount of sealed and dirt road driving as well as tracks. 

    Camping fees will apply in most places – in national parks this will be approximately $6.65 per person per night or $26.60 for a family up to eight.  Nearly all campsites will have toilets, and some may have showers, we will also stay in the occasional private caravan park so we can get a hot shower, fees for these will be a bit dearer and subject to whether you want a powered site or not. 

    We will be passing through a number of towns so getting provisions regularly shouldn’t be a problem and we will also visit the occasional restaurant or pub for a meal, and we will also be passing through a couple of wine areas, so some wine tasting is also on the cards. 

    There will be some places where we will be able to swim so bring bathers if you are that way inclined like I am. 

    We will be finishing the trip after visiting Moreton Island on the 10th June to allow people plenty of time to get back home before the following Monday or of course head off in other directions if they want. 

    We will need to pre-book the ferries; cost for both Stradbroke and Moreton Islands is approximately $100 each way each trip plus we require 4WD access permits to drive on the islands for Moreton Island this is $52.75, and camping is $13 per night for two people.  Stradie the 4WD access permit is the same as Moreton but unfortunately each island has a separate permit (two separate Aboriginal tribes control an island each) and camping on Stradie is a little dearer subject to where we camp for example beach camping is $20/night for 2 and Point Lookout at the top of the island is $37/night for 2 but there is also powered sites available from $53/night. 

    We will have a trip meeting 6 weeks before so we can organise firm dates and start the booking process especially for the ferries 

    Weather:  The weather may vary between warm to hot days with cool nights and rain is quite possible so bring coats. In other words, cater for all conditions. 

    Equipment:  The usual criteria of vehicles being in good condition, all terrain tyres in good condition, UHF radio, snatch strap and shackles, puncture repair kit, air compressor, winch is optional but as we will be doing quite a bit of sand/beach driving sands tracks are essential and for those without long range tanks a spare jerry can is advisable for Great Sandy and Moreton Island.  

    Communications:  UHF radio (Channel 15) mobile phone (we will have mobile reception in most areas) – I will have the club Sat phone with me also. 

    Pets:  No pets allowed 

    Trip standard:  Medium with quite a bit of easy stuff including bitumen, dirt roads, dirt and sandy tracks and beaches. 

    Fuel:  there will be plenty of places to fuel up but if you don’t have a long-range tank a jerry can is recommended for doing Great Sandy NP and Moreton Island 

    Duration:  4 weeks Melbourne to Melbourne – 3 weeks in Queensland. 

    Convoy Limit:  6 vehicles 

    Meeting arrangements:  We will meet in Cleveland at 9.00am on Wednesday the 20th (Specific location TBA) 

    Trip leaders:  Lloyd and Shanna Hetrick; Ph Lloyd 0418 336 156


    • 31 May 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • TBA
    • 3

    Trip template - the only way to create a new trip, is to DUPLICATE this template and modify the COPY


    A guest is any non-driver and included partner and/or children. I have limited to 3 guests per member (partner and 2 kids)

    See the following document for detailed instructions


    The only way to set up a new trip is to "Duplicate" the “Trip Template” and change it accordingly.

    Set-up check list  
    1. In the Event Details tab, Edit Title, Tags, Location, Date & Description 
    2. In the Registration Form tab, only Names, Email, Mobile, Vehicle & Partners name are required.  Check the Custom Registration fields exist (this is the default and should not need to be changed)
    3. In the Registration Types & Settings, make sure the trip limit is correct.  Check Multiple registrations is unticked and the waitlist is enabled
    4. In the Registration Types & Settings only one registration Type required – Click on “Full Member” or the Type to edit this a. Guests NOT allowed. b. Ensure Life, Senior & Standard Memberships only selected.  (this is the default and should not need to be changed)
    5. In the Emails tab, set the emails to be sent to the trip leader and the copy emails box is checked
    6. Using the Add Registrants button, register the Trip Leader
    7. Delete these instructions
    8. Make the trip visible to everyone (Public) 
    9. Allow trip registrations (slider at the top of this page)
    10. Announce the trip is available for registration by going to the Emails tab and sending the first announcement.

    -------- end of checklist and begining of trip description ----------

    ===========   COVID-19 Restrictions  =========== 

    COMPLYING WITH COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS:  The maximum convoy limit is now the number of people on the trip, not the number of cars. 

    As part of your registration, make sure that you say how many people are coming with you. We use the "Guest" option but in this case, a guest is ANYONE that is not the driver. This includes your partner, child, other club member and we track who they are for 

    COVID-19 Passenger Restrictions : 

    • Maximum people in each car: Driver + 3 passengers* 
    • Temporary Members are not allowed.

    *Discuss with Trip leader if required, 


    These additional restrictions have been put in place to confirm with the Government regulation. It's the trip leader's responsibility to ensure they are adhered to and you will be asked to confirn each one during registration. So 
    It's more important than ever to follow the Trip Leader's instructions.

    • All passengers are your family members (partner or child, in same household)
    • As the club member, you are responsible to ensure your passengers are aware of and follow the restrictions.
    • Everyone must respect social distancing, of 1.5m, from other members - particularly during:
       -  Breaks - briefings, tea breaks, lunch breaks, etc 
       -  R
      ecoveries - stay in your car unless asked to help.
    • You cannot attend If you are feeling unwell, been in close contact with anyone suspected of having the virus, or recently returned from overseas 
    • Bring hand-sanitiser along with your normal kit.
    • You must bring sufficient food and fuel for the trip and not use local shops and servos
    • There will be no access to public toilets or other facilities because they are closed.
    All passengers must be declared for tracking purposes. Use the Guest's function at the bottom of the registration page.
    If you bring anyone that has not been registered as a guest, you will not be allowed on the trip.


    The number of people on the trip must remain within the prevaling restrictions or the organiser and participants might recieve large fines, as well as greater chance of infection.

    ===== End of COVID-19 Restrictions Section  ===========

    Date and time:  insert date and start time

    Description:  Blurb about the trip.  Blurb about the trip.

    Weather:  e.g.  Alpine environment, potentially cold and wet. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

    Equipment:  e.g.  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried. 

    Trip Standard:  e.g.  Medium - some steep, low-range hill climbs and some rocky tracks!

    Fuel:  a full tank ex ????

    Distance:  Approx. distance from ???? is ?? Km of mainly low range driving.

    Duration: Day trip

    Convoy limit: ?? people

    Meeting arrangements:  e.g. We plan to meet in the main street of ??? outside the ??? and depart at 9.00am sharp.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm in ???

    Trip Leaders: Name(s) - Phone Number and/or email & add additional contact info,

    • 2 Jun 2020
    • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Online TBA

    Monthly Club Meeting

    This will shift to a web-based meeting.  Details about how to join the web-based meeting will be emailed to all members prior to the meeting time.


    Visitors and prospective members are welcome to come along and see what we’re about! We suggest that you email memberships@rangeroverclub.org.au to let us know you're coming and we'll look out for you.

    Meetings usually include:

    • Welcome to new members
    • Guest speaker
    • Trip reports
    • Raffle
    • Tea/coffee
    • Upcoming events
    • Other club business 

    You don't need to register but if we can get an idea of numbers attending it would help. 

    • 17 Jun 2020
    • 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Factory 31/125 Highbury Road Burwood
    • 8

    Targeted at new members, but also open to members who have recently changed vehicles or need a refresher. This course is free to new members and a nominal charge is applicable for repeat members. The RRCV's Driver Trainers are accredited with FWDV and on completion of both theory and practical sessions, you will receive a proficiency certificate that is recognised by all FWDV affiliated clubs. Theory will be held at Factory 31/125 Highbury Road Burwood Victoria. 

    Time: Course commences at 7:30pm sharp - please arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand to complete some paperwork. The practical session is on the Sunday June 21st (details provided at the Theory session) - sign up here for both the theory and practical sessions. 

    Signups: members - please log in to sign up. 

    IMPORTANT - Training is for members only. membership includeds you, your partner and children (up to 25) living at your home. 

    If your partner or child is coming with you for training, please add them as a guest, to ensure they get one of the allocated spots. However, you don't need to include them as a guest if are coming as a passenger only.

    Enquiries to the driver training co-ordinator:   
    Paul Crittenden.    training@rangeroverclub.org.au

    Please note that student numbers are limited by the number of instructors available. 

    Be prepared to learn and have fun! 

    Note: If this session is fully booked please add your name to the waitlist.  Any further questions email training@rangeroverclub.org.au 

    • 7 Jul 2020
    • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • The Glasshouse at Caulfield Racecourse, 31 Station St, Caulfield East VIC 3145

    Monthly Club Meeting

    Club meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of most months .

    Note: November is usually pushed to the 2nd Tuesday (some horse race gets in the way) and we dont have a January meeting. Check the calendar dates or contact us to confirm, because we occasionally need to shift meetings.

    Our new location of The Glasshouse at Caulfield Racecourse, 31 Station St, Caulfield East VIC 3145.

    Visitors and prospective members are welcome to come along and see what we’re about! We suggest that you email memberships@rangeroverclub.org.au to let us know you're coming and we'll look out for you.

    Meetings usually include:

    • Welcome to new members
    • Guest speaker
    • Trip reports
    • Raffle
    • Tea/coffee
    • Upcoming events
    • Other club business 

    You don't need to register but if we can get an idea of numbers attending it would help. 

    Dinner will be available prior to the meeting in the main dining  area, so arrive with sufficient time to eat before we head into the auditorium for an 8pm start. People start arriving at 6:30. 

    Dinner will be available in the restaurant before the meeting, but to have any chance of being fed quickly, we suggest the following.

    • Call them to make a reservation, and mention that you're part of the Range Rover Club. Phone: (03) 9257 7170 
    • Order and pay for food at the bar. There is table service but we share tables and it can get confusing to figure out who had what.

    Menu: caulfieldglasshouse.com.au

    Reservations: bookbookonline.com.au

    Phone(03) 9257 7170

    • 29 Jul 2020
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+10:00)
    • 21 Aug 2020
    • 4:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Longreach, Mt Isa, Birdsville
    • 6

    Mt Isa Mines Rodeo, Longreach, Birdsville  - CANCELLED

    Date and time:  29 July to 21 Aug 2020.  24 days.

    Description:  Road trip to Mt Isa Queensland to attend the Mt Isa Mines Rodeo which is said to be the largest rodeo in the Southern hemisphere.

    Visit www.isarodeo.com.au for more detail on the rodeo itself.

    The trip is suited to off-road camper trailers and caravans capable of travelling on corrugated outback dirt roads including the Birdsville Track.

    We will depart Melbourne and stop overnight mainly in caravan parks in order to enjoy their showers and toilets. On the way to Isa, overnight stops are planned in Darlington Point near Griffith, Kidman’s Camp at Bourke, then two nights and a rest day at Charlotte Plains Station near Cunnamulla where we can soak in hot artesian baths whilst taking in the outback scenery. Check it out at www.charlotteplains.com.au.

    The trip continues to Charleville and then on to a tiny unique town called Ilfracombe which is well worth a visit. We will take another rest day at Ilfracombe to visit the QANTAS Founders Museum at Longreach where you can get up close and personal with a jumbo jet and the famous Stockman Hall of Fame. From Ilfracombe it is a full day’s drive to the remains of a uranium mining town called Mary Kathleen where we will bush camp overnight to explore what is left of the mine and town. From Mary Kathleen it is a short drive into Mt Isa for the start of the 3-day rodeo. After the rodeo we will stay an extra day to visit the underground Hard Times Mine and let the traffic on the outback roads disperse.

    Leaving Mt Isa, we start the journey home stopping the night in Boulia whilst heading south to iconic Birdsville where we will spend two days exploring this remote community and visit the Birdsville Hotel. A day trip out to the Betoota pub can be done from Birdsville. Departing Birdsville, we head down the Birdsville Track for Marree and camp at another outback icon, the Marree Hotel. From Marree we continue south and into the Flinders Ranges stopping overnight at Wilpena Pound on our way to Peterborough. Another rest day in Peterborough will allow us to visit Steamtown which is a heritage rail museum with lots of interesting trains and carriages from the days of steam and early diesel. The last two days are spent returning to Melbourne via Mildura and St Arnaud.

    Distances travelled on most days will be three to five hundred kilometres with most of the driving on bitumen save the Birdsville Track and 40 kms when approaching the flinders ranges.

    Weather:  We should enjoy warm sunny days in the mid to high 20’s as we head north. However, the clear nights in the outback can be very cold with sub zero temperatures not uncommon.

    Equipment:  Well-maintained 4WD vehicle with good all terrain tyres, recovery points, standard recovery gear including dampener, rated snatch strap and shackles, shovel and UHF radio (or one borrowed from the club). A sat phone will be taken for emergency use. Mobile reception is typically available in all towns visited.

    No pets or firearms as we will be visiting the Flinders Ranges National Park.

    Trip Standard:  Easy with some medium sections including potentially badly corrugated outback roads (Birdsville Track).

    Fuel:  Fuel is generally readily available on the planned routes.

    Distance:  Approx. total distance is 5,800 Km of mainly bitumen driving.

    Duration: 24 days

    Convoy limit: 6 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  First day’s travel to Darlington Point is via Yea, Seymour, and Tocumwal. We can pre-arrange convenient times and locations to meet up during the first morning.

    Trip Leader: Roland Hollingsworth - rolandjh@optusnet.com.au


    • 9 Aug 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Burwood
    • 0
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    Van/Trailer towing course. Cost TBA

    Date and time:  Date and time to be advised in August

    Description:   :  Van/Trailer towing course. Cost TBA

    Equipment:  Bring your caravan, camper or trailer.  You should also bring your partner so that you can both understand how to act as a spotter and how to give clear instructions that you both understand. 

    Cost:  TBA

    Duration: 1 day 

    Attendance limit: 6 vehicles 

    Meeting arrangements:  In Burwood, final details will be notified closer to the date.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm on Sunday. 

    Organiser: Paul Crittenden, Driver Training Coordinator/Instructor Mobile: 0412 314 379 Email: training@rangeroverclub.org.au



    • 7 Sep 2020
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+10:00)
    • 23 Sep 2020
    • 4:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Central Australia
    • 1

    The Great Australian Desert Loop – Cocklebiddy to Birdsville

    RRCV Jaunt September 2019

    Monday 7th September 2019 to Wednesday 23nd September 2019

    Call for Expressions of Interest

    The trip will commence in Cocklebiddy and finish in Birdville, the planned route is shown below, and should take about 17 days.

    The object of not starting and ending in Melbourne is to accommodate some flexibility so

    that those with time on their hands can tack trips on to the start and end of this trip– these are good points to plan additional trips.

    Sherry and I plan to continue south to Innamincka via the Birdsville Track and Walkers Crossing, and on to Broken Hill and Melbourne and welcome anyone who wishes to join us.

    Melbourne – Cocklebiddy      2,272 km

    Cocklebiddy - Rawlinna        148 km

    Rawlinna – Warburton           634 km            (via Connie Sue Hwy)                               Permit

    Warburton – Docker River     339 km            (via Great Central Rd)                               Permit

    Docker River – Kintore          317 km            (via Sandy Bight Junction Rd)       Permit

    Kintore – Alice Springs          521 km            (via Gary Junction Rd)              Permit

    Alice Springs – Jervois           333 km            (via Plenty Hwy)

    Jervois – Birdsville                620 km            (via Hay River Track)                                Permit

    Birdsville – Innamincka         364 km            (via Birdsville Track & Walkers Crossing)

    Innamincka – Broken Hill      677 km            (Silver City Hwy)

    Broken Hill to Melbourne      838 km

    Total                                      7,063 km

    Those wanting to read more information may find it in “Great Desert Track – Atlas & Guide” HEMA Maps Pty Ltd, 2013. Trips 5, 19, 16, 12, 3, and 13.

    This is not a trip that should be undertaken without very serious consideration given to all of the topics covered in this expression of interest document. There will sections of dune driving in addition to the endless kilometres of brain jarring corrugations. All of that said it’s likely to be an interesting trip for those capable and with a totally prepared rig.

    Please read through the following expedition requirements carefully and if you feel as though you'd like to be a part of the discussion and possibly join the trip let us know. By its very nature this cannot be a club trip where it's 'first in best dressed'- careful and serious consideration needs to be undertaken by the trip leader with regard to the safety and capabilities of the eventual final group so as to ensure that everyone enjoys a wonderful and safe adventure. This as yet is not a call for sign-ups – we need to see the level of interest first to see if the trip is doable.

    As with the Canning Stock Route we did in 2018 we plan to rotate the lead vehicle and TEC with all those wishing to lead having the opportunity to do so.

    Personal Considerations

    You ought to be free of health concerns (as much as any of us can be!) and have a clear understanding right from the outset that this will be a physically demanding trip. This is rugged terrain, very hard on anyone with back complaints etc, not to mention anyone with a low tolerance of flies! A sense of humour and sense of adventure is paramount for this trip, as would be a willingness to take direction when necessary from the trip leader and to go with the flow if plans have to change for whatever reason. You would also need to understand that in the event of a major breakdown to one of the vehicles the group may be unable to complete the trip.

    Driving and skill level required:

    If you haven't travelled in the deserts before then this trip is not for you unless in the interim you undertake proper sand driving 4wd training. There's nothing more frustrating for yourself or the rest of the group that long and unnecessary delays waiting continually for one car to complete an obstacle. We'll all be caught out by a dune here and there, that's understood, but it's vital for the enjoyment by all that all drivers are at a level. At any rate, once the final group has been determined, we may look to stage a sand driving weekend in Wyperfeld National Park to enable us to all brush up on sand driving skills.


    You would need to be able to comfortably carry food and supplies for a minimum of 8 days away from services, in hot daytime conditions and cold nights. Be prepared to cook on fuel stoves only as we will not be able to have fires at all camps.

    Vehicle and Vehicle Preparation

    On similar trips in past years on trips in desert trips we've had several mechanical issues even though our vehicles were all thoroughly prepared. Broken coil springs, blown shock absorbers, reversing lights rattling loose and causing electrical issues, shattered rear quarter windows, broken torsion bar mounts, bothersome turbo charger hoses and umpteen tyre failures to name a few. As such it's vital that your high-clearance, low range equipped 4WD undergoes a thorough pre-trip inspection and major service before setting off. Your car needs to be in top-notch condition.


    Rim size no bigger than 18 inch. Your tyres, ATs at a minimum, need to be new or near new, and two full spare wheels need to be carried. A tyre repair kit, good quality air compressor and your willingness and ability to assist with tyre changes a must. You'll also find a good quality tyre deflator a godsend and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring system is great for peace of mind on long corrugated stretches. A jack and jacking plate so that you can easily jack your fully loaded rig in sandy conditions


    A suspension upgrade where possible (eg Kings Springs/ Koni Shocks) is highly advisable. A spare Rear (and front where applicable) spring should be carried. Spare rear and front shocks (comparable to your updated ones) should be carried. 1 of each is usually sufficient unless left and right are different.

    Fuel Capacity

    Sufficient fuel for 1000 km (Minimum 180 litres of diesel for a 3.0 litre Toyota Prado – you must know your fuel consumption in sand driving).

    Roof Rack Loads

    Must be within vehicle manufacturers limits, taking into account the weight of your roof rack.

    Spare Parts

    Filters, Hoses. belts, fuses and oils should be carried.

    Other considerations

    RACV Total Care a must as is a comprehensive tool kit to suit your vehicle

    Be aware that paintwork scratches are almost inevitable.

    All items in your vehicle need to be securely tied down

    A Solar Charge option for layover days is a really good idea - No generators

    You'll need an in car UHF aerial plus a 5W hand held

    You'll be required to attend pre-trip planning meetings and pre-trip vehicle inspection.

    Enquiries/expressions of interest to mark.bown@csiro.au or phone 0437251645

Past events

13 May 2020 May Driver Training - Proficiency - CANCELLED
5 May 2020 May Club Online Meeting Via Zoom
22 Apr 2020 April Driver Training-Proficiency - CANCELLED
10 Apr 2020 Wyperfeld and Lake Mungo Cancelled
10 Apr 2020 River Red Gum Drive + Mungo NP -CANCELLED
10 Apr 2020 Danggali Conservation Park & Northern Murray Sunset - CANCELLED
7 Apr 2020 CANCELLED - April Club Meeting - meeting cancelled due to Covid 19
28 Mar 2020 Toolangi Adventures - CANCELLED
28 Mar 2020 Licola to Heyfield - CANCELLED
28 Mar 2020 Blaze Aid - CANCELLED
20 Mar 2020 POSTPONED - Otways - Slow-paced weekend basecamp
10 Mar 2020 Post Dargo Extension Touring East Gippsland
7 Mar 2020 Dargo basecamp
4 Mar 2020 Club Meeting (NOTE: It's on Wednesday)
29 Feb 2020 Toolangi State Forest Exploration
23 Feb 2020 Blackwood to Gisborne
22 Feb 2020 Gisborne to Blackwood
19 Feb 2020 Driver Training February 2020
16 Feb 2020 Victorian 4WD show - Warragul
7 Feb 2020 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
4 Feb 2020 Club meeting - February - NEW LOCATION
25 Jan 2020 Australia Day Weekend 2020 (Little Desert, Ngarkat & Big Desert)
25 Jan 2020 Exploring State Forests around Mount Skene - Cancelled due to bushfires
5 Jan 2020 R.Pepper - Trek 11 – Mt Disappointment
8 Dec 2019 Exploring the Rubicon State Forest. Day 2 of 2
7 Dec 2019 Exploring the Rubicon State Forest. Day 1 of 2
3 Dec 2019 Christmas party & club meeting
20 Nov 2019 Driver Training
16 Nov 2019 Skipworth campground, Jamieson - base camp
12 Nov 2019 Club meeting - November revised date
2 Nov 2019 Orbost to Licola and the Avon River Valley
2 Nov 2019 Licola to Mansfield via Wonangatta Station
26 Oct 2019 Pyrenees basecamp
19 Oct 2019 Far East Gippsland Track Clearing with Parks Vic
18 Oct 2019 Cruiserkhana - Competitor register
13 Oct 2019 Driver Proficiency Plus Training Day
4 Oct 2019 Madras Bros
27 Sep 2019 SA-Vic Border Track
14 Sep 2019 Land Rover Terrain Response Experience Day
9 Sep 2019 Flinders Ranges
24 Aug 2019 Snow trip - Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene
16 Aug 2019 4x4 Show
4 Aug 2019 Mt Buangor Area - Day 2 - scenic/social trip
3 Aug 2019 Mt Buangor Area - Day 1 - 4WD trip
20 Jul 2019 The Innocent Bystander
14 Jul 2019 Disco/RRS tech review - Practical Session
13 Jul 2019 Disco/RRS tech review - Theory session
2 Jul 2019 Club meeting
30 Jun 2019 Parks Vic Bunyip - Help needed 30 June
29 Jun 2019 Lerderderg State Park
19 Jun 2019 Driver Training
8 Jun 2019 Wyperfeld
5 Jun 2019 Toolangi Explorer - Looking for Challenges after Proficiency
4 Jun 2019 Club meeting
1 Jun 2019 Kimberley and Gibb River Road
25 May 2019 R.Pepper - Trek 6 - Marysville to Mt Matlock + Extension
19 May 2019 R.Pepper - Trek 11 – Mt Disappointment & Trek 19 Andersons Garden
14 May 2019 R. Pepper – Trek 1 – Brisbane Ranges
11 May 2019 R.Pepper - Trek 19 – Andersons Garden
7 May 2019 Club meeting
4 May 2019 Blaze Aid- Bush Fire Relief
1 May 2019 Driver Training
23 Apr 2019 High Country of North East Victoria/Kosciuszko National Park
20 Apr 2019 Goog’s Track/Eyre Peninsular
19 Apr 2019 High Country of North East Victoria- Easter trip
16 Apr 2019 R.Pepper - Trek 5 - Yea to Narbethong
14 Apr 2019 Social Day Picnic/BBQ at the Royal Botanic Gardens - Cranbourne
13 Apr 2019 Reconnaissance- Pyrenees Ranges
6 Apr 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 10 – The Golden Way: Daylesford to Castlemaine
2 Apr 2019 Club meeting
31 Mar 2019 Exploration of the Tallarook State Forest
31 Mar 2019 R.Pepper - Treks 7 and 8 – Yarra Forests History Tour
27 Mar 2019 Driver Training
24 Mar 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 17 – Blackwood - Daylesford
23 Mar 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 16 – Bacchus Marsh – Blackwood
21 Mar 2019 ARB Kilsyth Factory Tour
12 Mar 2019 Dargo extension - Dargo, Bright, Canberra
9 Mar 2019 Dargo Base Camp - Relocated to The Otways
5 Mar 2019 Club meeting
27 Feb 2019 Driver Training
24 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 12 – Narbethong – Marysville
23 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 13 – Marysville – Thornton
17 Feb 2019 Victorian 4WD Show - Warragul.
9 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Treks 14 & 15 - Around Anglesea
3 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Treks 2 & 9 - Wombat Wanderings & Lerderderg Sojourn
2 Feb 2019 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
28 Jan 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 20 - Cobaw State Forest : Lancefield to Kyneton
13 Jan 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 18 – Mt Robertson: Pheasant Creek to Glenburn
17 Dec 2018 R.Pepper – TREK 3 - Beyond Yarra Glen: Yarra Glen To Whittlesea
15 Dec 2018 FWDV Iconic Snowy River Tour
17 Nov 2018 Skipworth - Jamieson River Base Camp
7 Nov 2018 Driver Training
3 Nov 2018 Licola to Mansfield via Wonangatta Station - Cup weekend
3 Nov 2018 Mansfield, Wonnangatta valley, Mt Murry, Lake Cobbler trip. Sat 3/Nov to Tue 6/Nov
20 Oct 2018 Annual Far East Gippsland Track Clearing with Parks Vic.
19 Oct 2018 Cruiserkhana 2018
14 Oct 2018 Wombat State Forest Park
28 Sep 2018 Wyperfeld Wanderings – base camp trip
26 Aug 2018 Sunday lunch at the Plough in Myrniong
25 Aug 2018 Maralinga and Great Victoria Desert Trip (plus Gawler Ranges and WA’s Goldfields)
25 Aug 2018 Mount Skene Snow Trip
17 Aug 2018 4x4 Show
15 Aug 2018 Driver Training
7 Jul 2018 Bush Mechanics' workshop
1 Jul 2018 test trip ***** do not use unless part of the test team
25 Jun 2018 Canning Stock Route - Halls Creek to Wiluna
16 Jun 2018 First-Aid course.
16 Jun 2018 Four Wheel Drive Victoria Members Update Day
15 Jun 2018 Cape York
9 Jun 2018 High country - Licola to Mansfield
6 Jun 2018 Driver Training Theory
27 May 2018 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
25 May 2018 4WD VIC Event - Chainsaw Course
6 May 2018 Marysville to Thornton
4 May 2018 Simpson Desert
21 Apr 2018 Daylesford to Castlemaine - The Golden Way
18 Apr 2018 Driver Training Theory
14 Apr 2018 King River base camp, walk to Mount Cobbler
6 Apr 2018 4WD Victoria Clean up the Bush 2018
30 Mar 2018 Victoria's Deserts
30 Mar 2018 Land Rover 70th - Cooma NSW
25 Mar 2018 Wombat day trip
9 Mar 2018 Dargo Base Camp
4 Mar 2018 Driver Training Practical
28 Feb 2018 Driver Training Theory
24 Feb 2018 Otway's weekend
18 Feb 2018 Victorian 4WD show - Warragul
10 Feb 2018 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
8 Feb 2018 East and West Coast of Tasmania
5 Feb 2018 Club Meeting - 8pm on 1st Tuesday of most months
26 Jan 2018 Grampians National Park base camp
21 Jan 2018 Yarra Glen – Toolangi - Narbethong
9 Dec 2017 Range Rover End of Year Picnic / BBQ
5 Dec 2017 Christmas party & club meeting
18 Nov 2017 Base camp -Skipworth campground on the Jamieson River.
4 Nov 2017 Hattah Lakes & Murrary Sunset National Parks
4 Nov 2017 Licola to Hotham Cup Weekend
4 Nov 2017 Mansfield, Wonnangatta Valley, Mt Murry, Lake Cobbler cup weekend
4 Nov 2017 Butcher country track/caledonia track/west toward Jamieson
27 Oct 2017 Cruiserkhana
15 Oct 2017 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
8 Oct 2017 Driver Training Practical
4 Oct 2017 Driver Training Theory
2 Sep 2017 Strath Creek - Wallan Day trip
2 Sep 2017 Wallan - Strath Creek Day trip
26 Aug 2017 EOI (by 9th August) Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene
20 Aug 2017 Wombat Day Trip, Easy to Medium Std.
6 Aug 2017 A Sunday Lunch at The Plough Trentham
27 Jul 2017 ARB Factory Tour
12 Jul 2017 Driver Training Theory
9 Jul 2017 Sunday Trip - South Col and More 2/2 - A Bush Matters trip with the Haslers.
8 Jul 2017 Saturday Trip - South Col and More 1/2 - A Bush Matters trip with the Haslers.
6 Jul 2017 Simpson Desert, Birdsville and Corner Country
10 Jun 2017 Butcher Country - Queen's Birthday Weekend
10 Jun 2017 Butcher country track/caledonia track
26 May 2017 Following Burke and Wills
21 May 2017 Marysville to Thornton
7 May 2017 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
3 May 2017 Driver Training Theory
29 Apr 2017 Marysville Show and Shine
22 Apr 2017 Coonawarra Trip
14 Apr 2017 Border Track-Murray Sunset - Easter Trip
1 Apr 2017 Walhalla - Aberfeldy Track
25 Mar 2017 Advanced Recovery Training Course
23 Mar 2017 Licola to Horseyard Flat
11 Mar 2017 Dargo Spit Roast Dinner
19 Feb 2017 Wandin - Victorian 4WD Show
9 Feb 2017 Trip Planning Meeting for 2017
22 Jan 2017 Otways Day Trip - Anglesea to Lorne
3 Jan 2017 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
28 Dec 2016 Photography Day Trip
6 Dec 2016 Annual Christmas Meeting
8 Nov 2016 Monthly Meeting
29 Oct 2016 Mansfield, Wonnangatta valley, Mt Murray, Lake Cobbler trip
29 Oct 2016 Licola to Hotham Cup Weekend
22 Oct 2016 Bush Mechanics Workshop
22 Oct 2016 Range Rover Driver Training Practical
22 Oct 2016 Annual Far East Gippsland Track Clearing
19 Oct 2016 Range Rover Driver Training Theory
19 Oct 2016 RRCV Committee Meeting

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