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Part of your membership includes training - have a look below to see if any training courses are planned. If not, email the Training Coordinator to arrange the next course.

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If you are not a member of the club, and would like to join us on a trip, contact the Trips Coordinator to discuss what might suit you. 

Everyone going on a club trip needs to be either a Member or Temporary Member, for insurance purposes. Temporary Membership is only $15 but gets your name on our club insurance policy.   

Upcoming events

    • 9 Sep 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 25 Sep 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Flinders Ranges
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    Flinders Ranges 

    Date and time:  9:00 am, 9 September – 26 September

    Description:  Itinerary is still evolving, but we will base camp at approximately 5 locations – Rawnsley Park, Wilpeena Pound, Warraweena and Arkaroola, in a mixture of station stays and National Park campgrounds.  Activities will include some of the iconic 4WD tracks (Skytrek ($55/veh), Arkapena ($50/veh), Mt Gill), scenic drives (Moralana scenic drive, Bunyeroo Gorge,  Brachina Gorge, Aroona Valley) camping, some walking and exploring the Flinders Ranges attractions and historical towns.

    We will stay in some campgrounds with facilities and some National Park campgrounds and station stays with basic toilet facilities only.  All the base camp sites will be suitable for off-road caravans, with most being accessed by gravel roads.

    Weather:  e.g.  Spring weather - cool nights (5-10 C) and mild days (15- 25 C) - possible rain at times.  Bring appropriate clothing and footwear for walking and camping.

    Equipment:  e.g.  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried. 

    Trip Standard:  e.g.  Easy touring and bush drives with some (optional) hard 4WD day trips - some steep, low-range hill climbs and some rocky tracks!

    Fuel:  Fuel is available at most places we will be camping

    Distance:  Flinders Ranges is approximately 1250 Km from Melbourne and there will probably be about another 500 - 1000 Km of driving in the park.

    Duration: 18 days

    Convoy limit: 6 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  e.g. We will to meet in in Mildura at 9:00 am on Monday 9/September and finish in Renmark early afternoon on Wednesday 25/Sep, allowing time for anyone who wishes to join the Border Track trip a rest day to resupply.

    Trip Leaders: Name(s) – Graeme Carter 0400 195 932 or graeme.carter23@bigpond.com,

    • 27 Sep 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 29 Sep 2019
    • 2:00 PM
    • Ngarkat CP/ Wyperfeld NP
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    SA-Vic Border Track

    Date and time:  Friday 27th September 2019, 09:00, Renmark.

    Description: This is a camping trip and unsuitable for camper trailers. The tracks are mostly sand which can have some deep soft sections. The trip is classified as being medium.

    The Border Track runs due south along the Vic-SA border. The trip will start in Renmark and end in Rainbow taking in sections of the Border Track as far south as Red Bluff. 

    We will be camping at  Pine Hut Soak (Pinnaroo SA, Ngarkat Conservation Park) on Friday night, and Red Bluff Camping Area (Wyperfeld NP) on Saturday night.

    An access fee applies to Ngarkat CP and a National Park Camping fee applies to Pine Hut Soak (book on-line at www.parks.sa.gov.au). 

    The camping grounds have drop toilets with no washing facilities, potable water, or showers – bring adequate water for drinking a cooking, and plan to cook on a fuel stove.

    Please bring basic recovery gear, snatch strap, shackles and a shovel [if you have MaxTrax (or the like) you can throw them in if you like]

    UHF Channel 15.

    There will be opportunity to refuel halfway through the trip in Pinnaroo.

    Please note there is no mobile phone reception once we have entered the park sections and that a fresh fruit and veg scam quarantine is in operation at Vic-SA border.

    Weather:  Mallee environment, potentially cold and wet. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

    Equipment:  e.g.  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good LT construction all-terrain tyres and TWO spares, and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried. 

    Trip Standard:   Medium - some sand (actually its all sand)

    Fuel:  a full tank ex. Renmark

    Distance:  Approx. distance from Renmark is 340 Km of mainly high range driving.

    Duration: 3 days

    Convoy limit: 8 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  We plan to meet at Renmark  in the car park outside The Murray River Queen and depart at 9.00am sharp.   We will aim to finish about 2.00pm in Rainbow.

    Trip Leaders: Mark Bown & Sherry Mayo. 0437251645. mark.bown@csiro.au, sherry.mayo@csiro.au.

    • 4 Oct 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • 129 Smith Street, Fitzroy Victoria 3065
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    Dinner at Madras Bros in Fitzroy

    Date and time: 7:00 pm Friday, 4th October.

    Description:  Madras Bros is an authentic Indian restaurant and bar  

    Let's get together for a nice relaxing dinner in a great atmosphere. 

    Visit their website for more information www.madrasbrothers.com.au

    After a taste-tour of Tamil-Nadu’s most loved culinary institutions in early 2017, brothers Magesh and Hrishi developed this fine ‘institution’.  Serving authentic Tamil cuisine in true Southern Indian style, everything from dish to decor has been sourced or inspired by their Chennai pilgrimage. 

    Meeting arrangements: 129 Smith Street, Fitzroy Victoria 3065

    Registration:  Unlike an off-road trip, where cars are counted. We need to know how many people are coming to make sure they all get a seat at the table.

    The registration form asks you for the number of additional guests - i.e. this is in addition to you.

    Contact Fran Pearson (04)33 113 382

    • 13 Oct 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Narbethong
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    Driver Proficiency Plus Training Day

    Date and time:  9:00am on 13/October 2019

    Description:  Currently there is a big step-up in difficulty between the tracks found in the basic driver training and the more difficult tracks found on some club trips.  This proficiency plus training day is intended for drivers that have completed the basic driver training and wish to undertake a medium or hard rated trip with very steep, rutted and/or rocky tracks. 

    It is desirable for those wishing to undertake high country trips later in the year and who have not already experienced this type of terrain to participate in this training day, so preference will be given to drivers fit this profile.

    The intention is to provide challenging tracks, so depending on your experience you may be out of your comfort zone at times.   There is also the possibility of vehicle contact with the environment, so drivers should be prepared for some underbody and side step scrapes and/or touchdowns. 

    Weather:  Weather is variable this time of year and potentially cold and wet.  Bring appropriate clothing and footwear for observation and discussion in the bush on the day.

    Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and a UHF radio (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried. 

    Trip Standard:  Medium/hard - some steep, low-range hill climbs and descents and some rocky tracks! Winching and/or snatching may be required.

    Fuel:  A full tank ex Melbourne

    Distance:  Approx. distance from Narbethong is 50 Km of mainly low range driving.

    Duration: 1 day

    Convoy limit: 10 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  We will meet at the Black Spur Inn in Narbethong and depart at 9.00am sharp.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm back at the Black Spur Inn.  It is planned to have lunch back at the Black Spur Inn (purchase or picnic).  Morning tea will be in the bush – byo.

    Trip Leaders:  Contact Phill Collyer 0407 096 294 collypj8@bigpond.net.au or Graeme Carter 0400 195 932 graeme.carter23@bigpond.com.

    • 18 Oct 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 20 Oct 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • TLCCV Property, behing Yark
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    Cruiserkhana 2019

    Cruiserkhana is back again this year.

    It's the Toyota Club's annual attempt to show the other clubs that they are the best drivers. It's also the time for other clubs to prove them wrong. 

    They do have a home advantage but RRCV and other clubs do quite well. And it's worthwhile entering because there's usually thousands of dollars of prizes!

    There is a cost to this and it's $205 for car, driver, navigator, camping and dinner.

    NOTE: To register as a competitor, you need to go to the TLCCV's website at teh link below:


    This signs up one driver/navigator pair. Everyone competes individually but they are also grouped into teams of three. 

    This RRCV "trip" is an Expression of interest for admin only. Once you register, please sign up to this EOI too - so we can plan the event and maybe get you into a team.

    • if you already have a team of three that you want to keep with, I suggest you all sign up at the same time and agree and include the name of your team in the application - it would be good if you included some reference to the RRCV, particularly if you're the only RRCV team :)

    Date and time:  Weekend of 18-20 October.
    Day-1 is getting there for an early start for the competition
    Day-2 is competition day & awards dinner
    Day-3 is optional events and/or recovery from the fairly late dinner
     - if you come up for the competition day, you need to arrive before 7am registration (TBC)

    Events:  There are usually about 6-8 challenges that test the drivers and their cars, including:

    • Slalom - where the passenger's grab and replace flags into pipes sticking up from the ground.
    • Mud Challenge - try to drive around a very wet and sloping mud track that's got sprinklers on it.
    • Wet Lap - where the navigator holds a bowl of water while the car is driven down some log steps and the winner is the one with the most water left in the bowl (or least water on the navigator).
    • Cross-country - a tight and sometimes challenging circuit.
    • Sand trap - a sand course with deep ruts and a very tight drive through some poles 
    • Balance beam - a see-saw for cars - the longest to balance on the beam wins.

    This is the official flyer - it is a Toyota but the may not realise it's an RRCV member - Sherry Mayo on the slalom

    Weather:  getting warmer but you never know - it's Yark!

    Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried.  - Hint - let your tyres down a lot to have any chance on the mud.

    Duration:1-3 days

    Convoy limit: Numbers are limited to a fixed number of competitors - we normally run one or two teams of 3. Refer to TLCCV website for more details; but they usually sell out quickly.

    Meeting arrangements:  We normally meet on the Friday evening and are given a spot for the number of tents we'll have as a group.

    Trip Leaders: Kenny Macleod - kenny@scotel.com
    I'm going overseas from 4th Sept so email please.

    • 19 Oct 2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • 20 Oct 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Orbost or Buchan
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    Far East Gippsland Track Clearing with Parks Vic 

    Date and time:  8:00 am Saturday, October 19, 2019

    Description:  We will again be assisting Parks Victoria Rangers with track clearing and track assessments.  Tracks will be within the Snowy Rover NP, Errinundra NP and Alpine NPs.  We will be travelling in remote mountains and bush with Parks Vic Rangers.  This is a marvellous opportunity to experience some remote corners of Gippsland, assist Parks Vic and learn about how the bush is managed.

    Dinner on Saturday night will be hosted by Parks Vic.

    Trip run in conjunction with the Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria and the Pajero 4WD Club.

    Final information to be advised closer to the date.

    No pets as we will be travelling in National Parks.  No Trailers permitted.

    Accommodation: Bush Camp on Saturday night at McKillops Bridge.  Friday night your choice depending on meeting place.

    Weather:  We have had wet weather and snow in the past, so please bring clothing and camping gear suitable for the conditions.

    Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried.

    Additional Equipment required:  Camping gear, food and water for the weekend. .  Clothing for wet and cold conditions.  Saturday night dinner to be catered for by Parks Vic. 

    Leather gloves, saws, crowbar, shovel and drag chain

    If you have completed the Chainsaw Training Course please bring your chainsaw together with all safety equipment including chaps, steel toe capped boots, helmet, goggles and ear muffs. Vehicles with winches encouraged although not compulsory. People required with chainsaws as well as those to clear timber from the tracks.

    Trip Standard:  Tracks medium rated with possible hard sections.

    Fuel:  A full tank ex Orbost or Buchan

    Distance:  250km Orbost to Orbost

    Duration:  Weekend

    Convoy limit: 5 vehicles

    Meeting Arrangements:  Meeting places are to be advised but usually 08:00 AM at Orbost, Goongerah Camp Ground and McKillops Bridge Camp Ground

    Maximum Vehicles: 5

    Trip Leader:   John and Prue Hasler.  Ph 0439 890 688 Email:  p.thwait@bigpond.net.au

    • 26 Oct 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 27 Oct 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Pyrenees - near Avoca
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    Pyrenees Basecamp

    Date and time:  Sat. 26 October 2019, 9am

    Description:  We will base camp at Glenpatrick Reserve Camping Ground, which has flushing toilets.  Access is suitable for campers and caravans.  We will be exploring tracks in both the west and east of the Pyrenees Range State Forest and Landsborough Nature Conservation Reserve.  Kilometres travelled each day will be relatively short and expected to allow time to visit a local winery before returning to camp on Saturday afternoon and to return home in reasonable time on Sunday, including for those cars returning to camp to pick up trailers and vans.

    Weather:  Extreme weather is not expected in the region, so simply keep an eye on the weather forecast.

    Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).  Usual recovery gear should be carried. 

    Trip Standard:  Medium – possibly hard if wet and slippery.

    Fuel:  Fuel is available in Avoca, which is 27km from the campground.

    Distance:  Glenpatrick Reserve Camping Ground is approximately 190km from Melbourne.

    Duration: 2 days

    Convoy limit: 10 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  We plan to meet in Glenpatrick Reserve Camping Ground and depart at 9.00am.  We will aim to finish mid-afternoon on Sunday.

    Trip Leaders: Simon & Julie Bridge, 0413691343, scbridge@btinternet.com

    • 16 Nov 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 17 Nov 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Jamieson
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    Skipworth campground, Jamieson - base camp

    Date and time:  16/17 November 2019 9:00 am

    Description:  Base camp at the Parks Victoria Skipworth Reserve campground on the Goulburn River, approximately 11 km south of Jamieson on the Mansfield - Woods Point Road from late Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. This trip provides the opportunity for members wishing to take their families and caravans or campertailers, as the Skipworth campground is located on the sealed section of the Mansfield-Woods Point and is a large flat grassy site, set up with good drop toilets and fireplaces.  Whilst the campground is on the Goulburn River, drinking water is to be carried into the campground. 

    There will be two trips  each day.

    On the Saturday, the convoy  of one trip will  leave the campground at 09:00 for a trip up to Mount Terrible at 1325m for morning tea, with great views over the high country, along medium to steep graded tracks. The convoy will  then follow the ridge line south along the Mount Terrible and Ryan Spur tracks to Frenchmans Gap on the Mansfield - Woods Point Road.  For those that prefer an early afternoon back at camp, a run down the Mansfield- Woods Point Road can be taken back to the camp.  For others, the convoy will then travel north, down along the steep and historic German Spur track back to the main road and back to camp.  Both groups may elect to stop  at the historic Kevington Pub for light refreshments before returning to camp.

    The  convoy of the other trip will leave the campground  also at 09:00 and commence the day  visiting  the ruins of the Star of West mine, near Kevington before fording the Goulburn River and heading up the Sappers and the Jamieson Lookout tracks before dropping down into Jamieson. These tracks have great views of the Jamieson valley and have some steep ascents and descents that make this trip  challenging but  good fun. The convoy  will have a late lunch at either Jamieson or  back at the camp.

    On the Sunday, the two convoys will swap trips.  

    The Hema Map High Country Victoria, Western Sheet indicates the locations of the trips.

    I will be at the campground from early afternoon on the Friday to set up an area for our club.

    Weather: Alpine environment, potentially cold and wet. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

    Equipment: Vehicles are to have low range 4WD capability, good ground clearance, good all-terrain tyres and UHF radio equipped.  Usual recovery gear is to be carried.

    Trip Standard: Medium on dry tracks  with some steep, low-range hill climbs and descents, some rocky tracks and some easy forest roads. Standard will become hard and challenging  if tracks are wet and slippery.

    Fuel:  a full tank ex Mansfield. Note that the Mansfield service station closes at 9:00 pm Friday evenings. Approx. distance from Melbourne is 235 Km.

    Convoy limit:16 vehicles with 8 vehicles in each convoy each day. 

    Trip Leader: Graeme Allen.  Ph 0477 488 434 or graeme.allen86@gmail.com for any queries.

    • 20 Nov 2019
    • 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    • Factory 31/125 Highbury Road Burwood
    • 3

    Targeted at new members, but also open to members who have recently changed vehicles or need a refresher. This course is free to new members and a nominal charge is applicable for repeat members. The RRCV's Driver Trainers are accredited with FWDV and on completion of both theory and practical sessions, you will receive a proficiency certificate that is recognised by all FWDV affiliated clubs. Theory will be held at Factory 31/125 Highbury Road Burwood Victoria. 

    Time: Course commences at 7:30pm sharp - please arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand to complete some paperwork. The practical session is on the Sunday November 24th (details provided at the Theory session) - sign up here for both the theory and practical sessions. 

    Signups: members - please log in and sign up via the form below. Enquiries to the driver training co-ordinator, Manole Ioannou. training@rangeroverclub.org.au 

    Please note that student numbers are limited by the number of instructors available. 

    Be prepared to learn and have fun! 

    Note: If this session is fully booked please add your name to the waitlist.  Any further questions email training@rangeroverclub.org.au 

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31 Mar 2019 Exploration of the Tallarook State Forest
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9 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Treks 14 & 15 - Around Anglesea
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2 Feb 2019 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
28 Jan 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 20 - Cobaw State Forest : Lancefield to Kyneton
13 Jan 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 18 – Mt Robertson: Pheasant Creek to Glenburn
17 Dec 2018 R.Pepper – TREK 3 - Beyond Yarra Glen: Yarra Glen To Whittlesea
15 Dec 2018 FWDV Iconic Snowy River Tour
17 Nov 2018 Skipworth - Jamieson River Base Camp
7 Nov 2018 Driver Training
3 Nov 2018 Licola to Mansfield via Wonangatta Station - Cup weekend
3 Nov 2018 Mansfield, Wonnangatta valley, Mt Murry, Lake Cobbler trip. Sat 3/Nov to Tue 6/Nov
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19 Oct 2018 Cruiserkhana 2018
14 Oct 2018 Wombat State Forest Park
28 Sep 2018 Wyperfeld Wanderings – base camp trip
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1 Jul 2018 test trip ***** do not use unless part of the test team
25 Jun 2018 Canning Stock Route - Halls Creek to Wiluna
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9 Dec 2017 Range Rover End of Year Picnic / BBQ
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27 Oct 2017 Cruiserkhana
15 Oct 2017 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
8 Oct 2017 Driver Training Practical
4 Oct 2017 Driver Training Theory
2 Sep 2017 Strath Creek - Wallan Day trip
2 Sep 2017 Wallan - Strath Creek Day trip
26 Aug 2017 EOI (by 9th August) Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene
20 Aug 2017 Wombat Day Trip, Easy to Medium Std.
6 Aug 2017 A Sunday Lunch at The Plough Trentham
27 Jul 2017 ARB Factory Tour
12 Jul 2017 Driver Training Theory
9 Jul 2017 Sunday Trip - South Col and More 2/2 - A Bush Matters trip with the Haslers.
8 Jul 2017 Saturday Trip - South Col and More 1/2 - A Bush Matters trip with the Haslers.
6 Jul 2017 Simpson Desert, Birdsville and Corner Country
10 Jun 2017 Butcher Country - Queen's Birthday Weekend
10 Jun 2017 Butcher country track/caledonia track
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7 May 2017 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
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11 Mar 2017 Dargo Spit Roast Dinner
19 Feb 2017 Wandin - Victorian 4WD Show
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22 Oct 2016 Range Rover Driver Training Practical
22 Oct 2016 Annual Far East Gippsland Track Clearing
19 Oct 2016 Range Rover Driver Training Theory
19 Oct 2016 RRCV Committee Meeting

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