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If you are not a member of the club, and would like to join us on a trip, contact the Trips Coordinator to discuss what might suit you. 

Everyone going on a club trip needs to be either a Member or Temporary Member, for insurance purposes. Temporary Membership is only $15 but gets your name on our club insurance policy.   

Upcoming events

    • 25 May 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 26 May 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Marysville to Mt Matlock
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    Robert Peppers 4WD Treks Close to Melbourne. Trek number 6 Mt Matlock (Marysville to Mt Matlock 69.4kms) + Extension.

    Date:  9:00 am Saturday 25/May and Sunday 26/May

    Description:  Robert Peppers 4WD Treks Close to Melbourne. Trek number 6 Mt Matlock (Marysville to Mt Matlock 69.4kms) + Extension.

    Day 1 Saturday 25.05 – Robert Pepper’s Trek 4

    A pleasant and easy meander through some lush forested areas near Marysville with some scenic and historic stops along the way to get out and stretch the legs.  We’ll meet at Marysville and head east on mostly well-kept unsealed roads and stop and walk (500m) to see The Big Tree & Cora Lynn Falls.  We will then make a detour south into the Yarra Ranges National park, this deviates from the Robert Pepper trek, providing some more interesting track driving.  We'll rejoin the trek in between any notations in the book.  As this trek is a fast, easy drive the detour will fill out the time more enjoyably off the main road.  We'll stop for lunch at Monty's Hut before concluding Trek 6 at the summit of Mt. Matlock, at an elevation of 1377 meters.  Mt Matlock sees a few snowfalls most winters and the views are magnificent.  Those who wish to continue on after the completion of the validation and camp overnight we'll proceed to Woods Point via Tinger Spur Track and then onto Comet Flat Camping area.  There are some shallow creek crossings and the camp provides drop toilets. The Woods Point Commercial Hotel is only a short drive and is a great little county pub and worth a visit or even dinner. Phone ahead to confirm (03) 5777 8224.

    Day 2 Sunday 26.05  Comet Flat Camp to McMahons Creek

    Today will encompass some more challenging low range, medium difficulty 4WD touring.  We’ll head east from camp, then turn north towards Frenchmans Gap via Clark Spur - Abbotts Track.  We'll continue west along Frenchmans Gap Track, Corn Hill Track and Frenchmans Spur track to arrive at Frenchmans Creek Camp.  We'll then take the easy gravel road back to rejoin the Marysville-Woods Point road and conclude at the Cambarville Picnic area.  Having visited the area last week, the graders have been hard at work so most of the tracks should be easy going (weather dependant). 

    Weather:  Our elevation will change dramatically during the days, even if the weather is forecast to be warm, pack for cold conditions (jacket on / jacket off style).  Bring appropriate clothing and footwear for a short forest walk or two as well.  If staying overnight, bring appropriate camping gear for wet, muddy conditions (warm clothing, footwear, ground sheets, awning, hot water bottle, favourite teddy, single malt etc.)

    Equipment:  4wd vehicle with low range capability with good all-terrain tyres, recovery points and good clearance. Usual recovery gear should also be carried.  UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club).

    Trip Standard:  Saturday – Easy/Medium. Sunday Medium/Difficult - some steep, low-range hill climbs and some rocky tracks. It's also likely to be a bit damp/wet in places. In the unlikely event of snow on Mt Matlock or the more likely event of heavy rain, the standard will be rated Difficult. The routes chosen are near well kept major roads, should we get held up we can easily detour out to make up time.

    Fuel:  A full tank ex Melbourne. Those camping overnight should fill up at Marysville. If conditions are expected to be very cold, consider a fuel anti-gel additive for diesel cars; such as FlashLube Winter Fuel Formula link here

    Distance:  Day 1. Approx. distance from Marysville to Mt. Matlock (via detour) is approx 80km of mostly high range driving, with occasional low range sections.  Day 2.  Approx. distance from Comet Flat campground to Cambarville Picnic area is 70kms, mostly high range with areas of low range challenging driving.

    Duration: 2 days; 1 if only staying for RP Trek 6 validation.
    *If you’re not planning on staying overnight, please let me know*

    Convoy limit: 10 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  We plan to meet in the Marysville main street (Murchison St) out the front of the “Marysville Country Bakery – Café” for departure at 9:00am.  If you plan to get coffee and tasty baked goods beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish at Mt. Matlock by 3:30pm and be at Comet Flat Camp at about 4.pm.

    Trip Leaders: Paul & Matesse Wood – 0419366897 / 0402176152 paulwoodbiz@gmail.com

    Trek Manager:  Graeme Carter - 0400 195 932 graeme.carter23@bigpond.com

    • 29 May 2019
    • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Toolangi
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    Toolangi Explorer - Looking for Challenges after Proficiency – taking the training wheels off!

    NB:  This is a trip for a small number of experienced drivers only.  It is an exploratory trip in preparation for a "course/trip" where less experienced drivers will be encouraged to improve their confidence and skills beyond the initial driver training proficiency course.

    Date and time:  Wednesday 29/May starting at 8:30

    Description:  After doing the Club’s Proficiency Course, many newer members are looking for something a bit more challenging without committing to a 3 or 4 day trip in the High Country.  Having been approached by Committee, I am looking at running a 1 day “course/trip” where members will be challenged and will learn more about themselves and their vehicle.  Such a “course/trip” is being scheduled for October this year but in the meantime, there is a need to explore and find tracks that are challenging but not too advanced so that the trip can be run later.  This Toolangi Explorer is to find tracks that fit this description – we will be looking for rocky terrain, tracks with steps and ruts, and bog holes. I have a rough idea of some tracks to be explored but participants can expect delays, u-turns etc.

    Bring your morning tea and lunch – these will be in the bush.  Toileting will also be in the bush – please bring shovels etc.

    Weather:  it can be cold and wet in the Toolangi Forest – bring appropriate clothing and expect to be out of your vehicle often – you could get muddy and wet.

    Equipment:  expect recoveries to occur – vehicles must be set up with rated front and rear recovery points.  Vehicles should have low range (or appropriate gearing) and reasonable ground clearance but expect the odd scrape to occur underneath – all-terrain or mud-terrain tyres are needed.  Also bring as a minimum a snatch strap with 2 rated shackles, and any traction aids you may have.  Tyre pressures will need to be adjusted – bring tyre gauge and compressor.

    Communications:  – UHF channel 10 will be used.

    Trip Standard:  medium to hard (expect snatching and winching)

    Fuel:  a full tank ex Melbourne

    Distance:  Approx. distance from Yarra Glen is 100 Km of mainly low range driving.

    Duration: 1 day

    Convoy limit: 5 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  e.g. We plan to meet in the main street of Yarra Glen in front of McKenzie Reserve and depart at 8.30am sharp.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm in Yarra Glen

    Trip Leaders: Phill and Jane Collyer Ph: 0407 096 294 Email: collypj8@bigpond.net.au

    • 1 Jun 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 30 Jun 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Kimberley
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    Kimberley and Gibb River Road

    Description:  The trip will be about 700kms through the Central Kimberley Plateau and the Mitchell Plateau to the coast at Kalumburu and then onto Kununurra, visiting about 18 sites along the way – National Parks, gorges, waterfalls, cattle stations and the Kalumburu Community. Creek/river crossings and camping.  Helicopter flights at some sites. No mobile phone coverage. Limited EFTPOS facilities.

    Dates:   Depart Derby on or about 1st June 2019.  Arrive Kununurra on or about 30th June 2019

    Road Conditions:  Bitumen, formed natural earth, dust, graded roads in average condition, corrugations, creek/river crossings, some tracks into sites.

    Weather:  Dry Season so mild day-time temperatures, cold nights (low temperatures). Appropriate clothing and foot ware suitable for the conditions.

    Camping:  Camping in designated camp sites most of which have toilets, some have showers. Little or no ‘free camping’ due to private land ownership. Roads are suitable for camper trailers. Camp fees may apply. BYO fire wood. Gas stoves recommended.

    Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability, good ground clearance (min 200mm), good all-terrain tyres including 2 spares, UHF radio equipped plus a hand held (or one borrowed from the club), usual recovery gear, RACV Total Care. Spare parts/ tools to be discussed at the pre-trip meeting(s) TBA.

    Fuel:  Available at 2 roadhouses, Drysdale River Station & El Questro

    Water:  Available at the roadhouses, National Parks and most camp grounds.

    Permits: Two permits are required & can be purchased on-line (TBA).

    Pre-trip meeting(s):  TBA but early April.

    Convoy: 6 vehicles.

    Trip leader:  Peter Nissen  Ph. 0418 562 549 or 9592 2556.  Email  pnissen@bigpond.net.au

    • 4 Jun 2019
    • 8:00 PM
    • East Malvern RSL

    Monthly Club Meeting

    Club meetings are held at 8pm on the first Tuesday of most months at East Malvern RSL — check out the calendar for more details, and then come along and see what we’re about! (let us know you're coming so we can look out for you).

    You don't need to register but you can if you wish. The Registration button's just there by default.

    • 8 Jun 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 10 Jun 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Licola to Mansfield high country
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    Licola to Mansfield high country trip

    Start Saturday 8 June 2019   9:00 am

    Description:  A 3 day adventure trip in the high country area between Licola and Mansfield on the Queens birthday long weekend.

    The tracks are challenging.  I am yet to confirm the specifics of the route but it will be a variant of the 2017 / 2018 trips in the same area.  I do intend to take in Grimmes Track (descent) and possibly Knobs Track (descent) which are exciting, steep and slippery. 

    There are great views along the way of the Wellington area, Snowy Plains area, Mt Buller and Bluff areas and we cross the great divide itself.

    The nature of the trip is that local track conditions (un-negotiable obstacle, too deep river crossing) may require that the route is adjusted as we go; but that’s all part of the adventure.

    Maps:  A good map is the Rooftop's Jamieson - Licola Adventure Map edition three. 

    Weather:  The trip is in winter in the Victorian Alps so cold and wet weather with snowfalls is possible.  Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

    Overnight temperatures can drop to below 0 degrees.

    Daily maximum temperatures are typically ~ 10 to 14 degrees in the lower altitudes and ~ 5 to 8 degrees in the higher altitudes.

    Equipment:  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good ground clearance (200mm min) good all-terrain tyres, front and rear recovery points, a UHF radio (or one borrowed from the club) plus hand held UHF radio if you have one.  Usual recovery gear should be carried (to include (min) – snatch strap, 2 x rated shackles, shovel).

    Trip Standard & Track Conditions:  The trip is rated hard.  There are sections of tracks that are steep, narrow and rocky; other sections will be muddy.  Tracks on southern facing slopes are likely to be damp and slippery.  There will be several river crossings of varying depth dependent upon rainfalls, with the potential for deep crossings; there is the potential for snow in elevated sections.

    Weather conditions can significantly impact on the degree of difficulty.  Participants should have completed driver training, know their vehicle, and preferably will have completed a medium weekend trip.

    Fuel:  A full fuel tank as close to Licola as possible is required as fuel is not always available at Licola. For most people this will mean a full tank ex Traralgon, and then top up at Licola if possible.

    A fuel additive for diesel cars is required as snowfalls have occurred on previous trips. Torque Icebreaker concentrate is a popular product. 

    Camping and Facilities:  Camping on the Saturday night and Sunday night will be alpine camping; there are no facilities.

    No trailers.

    Distance:  From Licola to Mansfield approximately 220 Km of mainly low range driving. 

    Duration:  3 days

    Convoy limit:  8 vehicles  

    Meeting arrangements:  Depart from the Licola General Store at 9.00 am.  Camping is available Licola Caravan Park; consider making a booking if you are staying the Friday night.

    Aim to finish on Monday at about 4:00 pm at Mansfield.

    Trip Leader:  Blair Barton Mobile: 0400 612 231 Email:  blair.barton@live.com.au and Andrew Barron Mobile: 0424 473 044 - Email: twobigpaws@gmail.com  


    • 8 Jun 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 10 Jun 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Wyperfeld National Park
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    Date and time:  8th June 2019 9:00 am

    Description During our last trip to Wyperfeld on AFL Cup Final weekend we came across a track heading north from approximately half way along Milmed Rock Track. The track is not marked on any of the maps. The track was well formed but narrower and less well travelled than the other tracks in the park. From the satellite photographs of the area it is evident that the track connects with the Big Desert State Forest. I’ve been told that the track is interesting and worth investigating. A photo of the tracks plotted from the satellite photographs is posted on the RRCV Members FaceBook page (13.5.2019).

    On Saturday we intend to depart from Wonga Camp site and travel along Milmed Rock Track until we meet this track then follow it north through to the Big Desert State Forest and then camp in one of the camp sites there. On Sunday we plan to explore the tracks in the Big Desert State Forest, and depart on Monday either via the Mallee Highway or through the Wyperfeld National Park – depending on how we feel. If the going is hard on Saturday we may end up camping off the track.

    The trip will give you the opportunity to refine your vehicle setups and establish such important factors as ease of setting up camps, and your fuel consumption.

    Victoria’s deserts are located in the north east of the state on the border with South Australia some 450km north west of Melbourne. The drive to Wonga camping ground in Wyperfeld NP takes approximately 5 hours from Melbourne.

    The camping grounds have drop toilets with no washing facilities, potable water, or showers – bring adequate water for drinking a cooking, and plan to cook on a fuel stove (though we’ll almost certainly have a fire)

    The travel distances are relatively long and so we will stop for morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon tea.

    Please note there is no mobile phone reception once we have entered the park sections and that a fresh fruit and veg scam quarantine is in operation at Vic-SA border (in the past I have left fruit and veg at the border whilst I go into Pinnaroo to get fuel).

    Camping: Friday evening 7th June (optional): Wonga Campground (Wyperfeld NP)  You will need to book online as there are no manned ranger stations in the park.  Booking : http://www.parkstay.vic.gov.au/wyperfeld-national-park

    Saturday and Sunday evening 8th – 9th June: Big Billy Campsite (Big Desert State Forest): Free



    Facilities: The camp site at Big Billy Bore has Toilets, picnic tables, fireplaces, and water.

    (alternative free camp sites within the Big Desert State Forest: Coburns Pines campsiteRed Gums campsite and Blue Gums campsite. There are no facilities at these camping areas so campers are required to be self-sufficient.


    Weather:  e.g.  Mallee/Desert, potentially cold and wet. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

    Equipment: Bring recovery gear, snatch strap, shackles and a shovel [if you have MaxTrax (or the like) you can throw them in if you like]. Cars should be in good condition and all terrain tyres. You should carry adequate water for two days (as it is possible that we may fail to get to a

    UHF Channel 15.

    Don’t forget to bring your morning tea and lunch.

    Please leave pets and camper trailers at home.  

    Trip Standard: Medium - Most of the main tracks will be medium but there may be track sections that are more difficult depending upon weather and sand conditions – it may be a little scratchy in places as well.

    Fuel:  A full tank from as close to Wonga Campground as possible. We will have opportunity to refuel in Pinnaroo (ca. 250 km from Hopetoun, on day 2, and day 3 if needs be).

    Distance:  Approx. 700km

    Duration: 3 days

    Convoy limit: 8 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  We plan to meet in the Wonga Campground in Wyperfeld National Park west of Hopetoun and aim to set off at 9.00am on Saturday morning We will aim to finish about 3.00pm (or earlier)  in Hopetoun on Monday.

    Trip Leaders: Mark Bown and Sherry Mayo; 0437251645


    • 19 Jun 2019
    • 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    • East Malvern RSL Club, Flanders Room (ex Ladies Bowls Room downstairs).
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    Targeted at new members, but also open to members who have recently changed vehicles or need a refresher. This course is free to new members and a nominal charge is applicable for repeat members. The RRCV's Driver Trainers are accredited with FWDV and on completion of both theory and practical sessions, you will receive a proficiency certificate that is recognised by all FWDV affiliated clubs. Theory is at East Malvern RSL Club, Flanders Room (ex Ladies Bowls Room downstairs). 

    Time: Course commences at 7:30pm sharp - please arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand to complete some paperwork. The practical session is on the Sunday June 23rd  (details provided at the Theory session) - sign up here for both the theory and practical sessions. 

    Signups: members - please log in and sign up via the form below. Enquiries to the driver training co-ordinator, Manole Ioannou. training@rangeroverclub.org.au 

    Please note that student numbers are limited by the number of instructors available. 

    Be prepared to learn and have fun! 

    Note: If this session is fully booked please add your name to the waitlist.  Any further questions email training@rangeroverclub.org.au 

    • 2 Jul 2019
    • 8:00 PM
    • East Malvern RSL

    Monthly Club Meeting

    Club meetings are held at 8pm on the first Tuesday of most months at East Malvern RSL — check out the calendar for more details, and then come along and see what we’re about! (let us know you're coming so we can look out for you).

    You don't need to register but you can if you wish. The Registration button's just there by default.

    • 13 Jul 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 14 Jul 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • TBA
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    Disco/RRS Tech review

    We're looking to have a Disco day/weekend.

    It seems that the two days will be split. 

    • Day 1 - in Melbourne (likely Essendon) with a Land Rover mechanic. We've yet to determine how many can be involved.
    • Day 2 - practical session to test out what we learned on day 1

    If you have a Disco 3/4 or RR Sport you need to know:

    • terrain response settings
    • platform specific issues
    • setting up for off-road 
    • what upgrades you can do

    This has proved more popular than expected so there's now a few people on the wait list. We will run another event at a later date.

    Contact: Kenny Macleod - 0421 952 540 - kenny@scotel.com

    • 20 Jul 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Healesville
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    Lunch at The Innocent Bystander in Healesville

    Date and time: 12 noon on Saturday 20 July.

    Description:  The Innocent Bystander was voted the "Best Tasting Experience" in the Australia's Best Cellar Door Awards 2018.

    It's a cellar door, restaurant and bar.  

    Let's get together for a nice relaxing lunch in a great atmosphere and start with meeting at the tasting bar at midday before lunch. 

    Visit their website for more information www.innocentbystander.com.au 

    Healesville is a vibrant country town with much to see and do. So, why not make it a day out by visiting the Healesville Sanctuary or the Maroondah Dam or the Four Pillars Gin Distillery..... or just browse the shops!.

    Distance:  Healsville is approx. 60 km from the CBD

    Registration: Unlike an off-road trip, where cars are counted. We need to know how many people are coming to make sure they all get a seat at the table.
    The reg form asks you for the number of additional guests - i.e. this is in addition to you.

    • 24 Aug 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 25 Aug 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene
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    Snow trip - Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene

    Date and time:  24th/25th August

    Description Snow driving and camping - Mt Skene

    We will meet in Walhalla on Friday night or  Saturday morning and head off  on Saturday morning north to the Heyfield-Jamieson Road via Aberfeldy and Mt Selma.  We'll then follow the Heyfield-Jamieson Road to the summit of  Mt Skene where we plan to camp.  On Sunday we'll head down to Jamieson.

    Weather:  e.g.  Alpine environment, will be  cold and potentially wet and windy.  Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

    Equipment:  e.g.  Vehicles need to have low range 4WD capability with good all-terrain tyres, good ground  clearance and UHF radio equipped (or one borrowed from the club). 

    Usual recovery gear of a snatch strap, shackles, shovel, dampener plus snow chains and recovery tracks.

    Warm clothes and wet weather gear.  A tent (pop-up tents can prove to pop-down in heavy snow), sleeping bag (suitable to better than -10oC), and sleeping mat suitable for camping in the snow.  

    Trip Standard:  e.g.  Medium to hard  (depending on the weather & track conditions (snow))

    Fuel:  a full tank ex Moe.  If you’re using diesel then fill with Alpine diesel (we need to check/advise if available at Moe as we get closer to trip date) and/or add additive to stop it jelling – the instructions on most additives indicate you can’t add too much. Torque Breaker is one such additive.

    Distance:  Approx. distance from Walhalla to Jamieson is 150 Km of mainly low range driving.

    Duration: 2 days

    Convoy limit: 8 vehicles

    Meeting arrangements:  We will to meet at the Star Hotel Carpark in Walhalla and depart at 9.00am sharp.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm in Jamieson

    Trip Leaders: Name(s) – Graeme Allen - graeme.allen86@gmail.com. and Mark Bown 0437 251 645 or mark.bown@csiro.au,


Past events

19 May 2019 R.Pepper - Trek 11 – Mt Disappointment & Trek 19 Andersons Garden
14 May 2019 R. Pepper – Trek 1 – Brisbane Ranges
11 May 2019 R.Pepper - Trek 19 – Andersons Garden
7 May 2019 Club meeting
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16 Apr 2019 R.Pepper - Trek 5 - Yea to Narbethong
14 Apr 2019 Social Day Picnic/BBQ at the Royal Botanic Gardens - Cranbourne
13 Apr 2019 Reconnaissance- Pyrenees Ranges
6 Apr 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 10 – The Golden Way: Daylesford to Castlemaine
2 Apr 2019 Club meeting
31 Mar 2019 Exploration of the Tallarook State Forest
31 Mar 2019 R.Pepper - Treks 7 and 8 – Yarra Forests History Tour
27 Mar 2019 Driver Training
24 Mar 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 17 – Blackwood - Daylesford
23 Mar 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 16 – Bacchus Marsh – Blackwood
21 Mar 2019 ARB Kilsyth Factory Tour
12 Mar 2019 Dargo extension - Dargo, Bright, Canberra
9 Mar 2019 Dargo Base Camp - Relocated to The Otways
5 Mar 2019 Club meeting
27 Feb 2019 Driver Training
24 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 12 – Narbethong – Marysville
23 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 13 – Marysville – Thornton
17 Feb 2019 Victorian 4WD Show - Warragul.
9 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Treks 14 & 15 - Around Anglesea
3 Feb 2019 R.Pepper – Treks 2 & 9 - Wombat Wanderings & Lerderderg Sojourn
2 Feb 2019 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
28 Jan 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 20 - Cobaw State Forest : Lancefield to Kyneton
13 Jan 2019 R.Pepper – Trek 18 – Mt Robertson: Pheasant Creek to Glenburn
17 Dec 2018 R.Pepper – TREK 3 - Beyond Yarra Glen: Yarra Glen To Whittlesea
15 Dec 2018 FWDV Iconic Snowy River Tour
17 Nov 2018 Skipworth - Jamieson River Base Camp
7 Nov 2018 Driver Training
3 Nov 2018 Licola to Mansfield via Wonangatta Station - Cup weekend
3 Nov 2018 Mansfield, Wonnangatta valley, Mt Murry, Lake Cobbler trip. Sat 3/Nov to Tue 6/Nov
20 Oct 2018 Annual Far East Gippsland Track Clearing with Parks Vic.
19 Oct 2018 Cruiserkhana 2018
14 Oct 2018 Wombat State Forest Park
3 Oct 2018 Driver Training Theory
28 Sep 2018 Wyperfeld Wanderings – base camp trip
26 Aug 2018 Sunday lunch at the Plough in Myrniong
25 Aug 2018 Maralinga and Great Victoria Desert Trip (plus Gawler Ranges and WA’s Goldfields)
25 Aug 2018 Mount Skene Snow Trip
17 Aug 2018 4x4 Show
15 Aug 2018 Driver Training
7 Jul 2018 Bush Mechanics' workshop
1 Jul 2018 test trip ***** do not use unless part of the test team
25 Jun 2018 Canning Stock Route - Halls Creek to Wiluna
16 Jun 2018 First-Aid course.
16 Jun 2018 Four Wheel Drive Victoria Members Update Day
15 Jun 2018 Cape York
9 Jun 2018 High country - Licola to Mansfield
6 Jun 2018 Driver Training Theory
27 May 2018 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
25 May 2018 4WD VIC Event - Chainsaw Course
6 May 2018 Marysville to Thornton
4 May 2018 Simpson Desert
21 Apr 2018 Daylesford to Castlemaine - The Golden Way
18 Apr 2018 Driver Training Theory
14 Apr 2018 King River base camp, walk to Mount Cobbler
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30 Mar 2018 Victoria's Deserts
25 Mar 2018 Wombat day trip
9 Mar 2018 Dargo Base Camp
4 Mar 2018 Driver Training Practical
28 Feb 2018 Driver Training Theory
24 Feb 2018 Otway's weekend
18 Feb 2018 Victorian 4WD show - Warragul
10 Feb 2018 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
8 Feb 2018 East and West Coast of Tasmania
5 Feb 2018 Club Meeting - 8pm on 1st Tuesday of most months
26 Jan 2018 Grampians National Park base camp
21 Jan 2018 Yarra Glen – Toolangi - Narbethong
9 Dec 2017 Range Rover End of Year Picnic / BBQ
5 Dec 2017 Christmas party & club meeting
18 Nov 2017 Base camp -Skipworth campground on the Jamieson River.
4 Nov 2017 Hattah Lakes & Murrary Sunset National Parks
4 Nov 2017 Licola to Hotham Cup Weekend
4 Nov 2017 Mansfield, Wonnangatta Valley, Mt Murry, Lake Cobbler cup weekend
4 Nov 2017 Butcher country track/caledonia track/west toward Jamieson
27 Oct 2017 Cruiserkhana
15 Oct 2017 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
8 Oct 2017 Driver Training Practical
4 Oct 2017 Driver Training Theory
2 Sep 2017 Strath Creek - Wallan Day trip
2 Sep 2017 Wallan - Strath Creek Day trip
26 Aug 2017 EOI (by 9th August) Walhalla to Jamieson via Mt Skene
20 Aug 2017 Wombat Day Trip, Easy to Medium Std.
6 Aug 2017 A Sunday Lunch at The Plough Trentham
27 Jul 2017 ARB Factory Tour
12 Jul 2017 Driver Training Theory
9 Jul 2017 Sunday Trip - South Col and More 2/2 - A Bush Matters trip with the Haslers.
8 Jul 2017 Saturday Trip - South Col and More 1/2 - A Bush Matters trip with the Haslers.
6 Jul 2017 Simpson Desert, Birdsville and Corner Country
10 Jun 2017 Butcher Country - Queen's Birthday Weekend
10 Jun 2017 Butcher country track/caledonia track
26 May 2017 Following Burke and Wills
21 May 2017 Marysville to Thornton
7 May 2017 Wombat Wanderings - Blackwood to Daylesford and back
3 May 2017 Driver Training Theory
29 Apr 2017 Marysville Show and Shine
22 Apr 2017 Coonawarra Trip
14 Apr 2017 Border Track-Murray Sunset - Easter Trip
1 Apr 2017 Walhalla - Aberfeldy Track
25 Mar 2017 Advanced Recovery Training Course
23 Mar 2017 Licola to Horseyard Flat
11 Mar 2017 Dargo Spit Roast Dinner
19 Feb 2017 Wandin - Victorian 4WD Show
9 Feb 2017 Trip Planning Meeting for 2017
22 Jan 2017 Otways Day Trip - Anglesea to Lorne
3 Jan 2017 Mt Buller, surrounding mountains and cattlemen’s huts
28 Dec 2016 Photography Day Trip
6 Dec 2016 Annual Christmas Meeting
8 Nov 2016 Monthly Meeting
29 Oct 2016 Licola to Hotham Cup Weekend
29 Oct 2016 Mansfield, Wonnangatta valley, Mt Murray, Lake Cobbler trip
22 Oct 2016 Bush Mechanics Workshop
22 Oct 2016 Range Rover Driver Training Practical
22 Oct 2016 Annual Far East Gippsland Track Clearing
19 Oct 2016 Range Rover Driver Training Theory
19 Oct 2016 RRCV Committee Meeting

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